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02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0455-1 (low): NetworkManager: Several bugs are fixed by this update.
02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0456-1 (low): mkinitrd: Collective update for mkinitrd
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0470-1 (low): usb_modeswitch: version upgrade to support more devices
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0471-1 (moderate): bind: Fixed a bug in named chrooting
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0472-1 (low): perl: This update fixes a crash caused by the use of constants.
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0473-1 (low): xemacs-packages: Xemacs fails to load customization files. Fixed by this update.
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0474-1 (important): mrtg: The execution of mrtg ends in a parse error when perl 5.12 is used. Fixed by this update.
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0475-1 (moderate): pam_mount: Fix segfault when executed from sshd
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0476-1 (moderate): ethtool: Add option to modify GRO setting
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0477-1 (low): libjpeg8: Recommend to old libjpeg version to fix 3rd party applications
05 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0478-1 (low): iputils: Fix arping
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0482-1 (low): kdeartwork4: fixed xscreensaver-based screensavers not working in KDE4
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0483-1 (moderate): star: This updates fixes a buffer overflow in star.
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0484-1 (critical): NetworkManager: Fixed no longer connecting after machine crashed during suspend
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0485-1 (low): ImageMagick: It cannot compress grayscale TIFF images with JPEG. Fixed by this update.
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0486-1 (moderate): apparmor-utils: It is totally broken - can't find their perl module. Fixed by this update.
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0487-1 (low): beaver: Update from 0.4.0rc1 to the stable release 0.4.0
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0488-1 (low): xpdf-poppler: This update fixes a crash in xpdf-poppler.
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0489-1 (low): build: Distribution default is wrong. Fixed by this update.
10 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0497-1 (low): sysvinit: "startproc/checkproc/killproc" do not work with scripts. Fixed by this update.
11 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0498-1 (low): yast2-add-on-creator: Yast Add-on Creator build broken addons when multiple addons at one time are created. Fixed by this update.
12 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0504-1 (low): hal: This update fixes a hald-probe-input crash
13 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0506-1 (low): release-notes-openSUSE: Enhancements and translation update
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0507-1 (low): xmms2-devel: It does not install xmms runtime libraries. Fixed by this update.
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0508-1 (important): anjuta: This update fixes a crash on start caused through a missing package dependency.
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0509-1 (moderate): lxsession: Logout doesn't work properly without hal. Fixed by this update.
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0510-1 (low): mdadm: This update fixes a invalid command syntax in /etc/init.d/
17 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0511-1 (moderate): cheese: Starting cheese results in a segmentation fault. Fixed by this update.
17 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0512-1 (moderate): jedit: It refuses to start due wrong bsh2 version. Fixed by this update.
17 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0513-1 (low): tomoe: "Handwriting recognation" doesn't work. Fixed by this update.
17 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0514-1 (low): dhcp: This update fixes the ldap-support for dhcp-server and fixes the NetworkManager dhcp-client classless route option compatibility.
17 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0515-1 (low): xaw3d: xterm doesn't use the right xaw3d libs. This is fixed by this update.
19 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0524-1 (low): lvm2: "lvcreate --snapshot" results in scary error messages. Fixed by this update.
19 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0525-1 (low): cups-drivers-splix: splix should not contain PPDs for printers which require JBIG. Fixed by this update.
19 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0527-1 (low): exiv2: Add pkg-config provides
19 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0528-1 (moderate): xfig: After the last security update for ghostscript it is unable to import .eps files. Fixed by this update.
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0530-1 (moderate): inputattach: Fix syntax errors in the init script
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0531-1 (low): NetworkManager: Remove call to NFS restart
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0532-1 (low): pulseaudio: Fix setup-pulseaudio script to set up the environment variables correctly.
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0533-1 (low): smpppd: allow to control non-dialup interfaces
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0534-1 (important): cpio: It crashes on non existing pattern file. Fixed by this update.
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0535-1 (moderate): mount.cifs: Does not appear to support the (documented, preferred) credentials option. Fixed by this update.
25 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0545-1 (important): lxdm: Collective update for lxdm
25 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0548-1 (low): pstoedit: This update fixes an crash of pstoedit when it is called from inkscape.
26 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0554-1 (low): ivman: Fixed not receiving hal events
26 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0555-1 (low): ivman: Fixed not receiving hal events
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0562-1 (low): desktop-translations: Translation update
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0564-1 (low): openais: corosync/openais fail to launch on x86_64. Fixed by this update.
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0565-1 (low): Gwibber: Fix runtime requires
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0566-1 (moderate): opensc: This update fixes opensc and packages depending on the provided macro SC_TEST_RET
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0567-1 (low): pinentry-qt: It appears behind other windows and grabs alt+tab. Fixed by this update.
31 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0569-1 (important): timezone: glibc timezone/DST update to 2010l
31 Aug openSUSE-RU-2010:0570-1 (important): timezone: glibc timezone/DST update to 2010l


02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0451-1 (important): ghostscript security update
02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0425-2 (important): ghostscript security update
02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0458-1 (moderate): libwebkit security update
02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0459-1 (moderate (10+4+6)): kvirc: remote CTCP commands execution via specially-crafted CTCP parameter
02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0460-1 (moderate (10+4+6)): squidGuard: Fixed buffer overflows
05 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0479-1 (important): gpg2: reuses a freed pointer when verifying a signature
09 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0481-1 (important): Linux Kernel: Regression bugfix update
10 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0496-1 (important): strongswan: fixing snprintf overflows
12 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0500-1 (low): pcsc-lite: fix for CVE-2009-4901 and CVE-2009-4902
12 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0502-1 (critical): flash-player: Updated to security update version
18 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0518-1 (moderate): perl: Fixed two security issues and some bugs
18 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0519-1 (moderate): perl: Fixed two security issues and some bugs
23 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0430-4 (important): MozillaThunderbird: Update to 3.0.6 security release
25 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0540-1 (important): opera: version 10.61 fixes various vulnerabilities
25 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0546-1 (moderate): openldap2: fixed MODRDN DoS, replicating inconsistencies and \0 character-DoS
25 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0547-1 (moderate): openldap2: fixed MODRDN DoS, replicating inconsistencies and \0 character-DoS
25 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0549-1 (critical): freetype2: security update for various bugs
26 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0553-1 (moderate): java-1_6_0-openjdk security update
30 Aug openSUSE-SU-2010:0561-1 (moderate): xorg-x11-server: Fix multiple bugs and security vulnerabilities
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