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08 April, 2010

13:38 Marcus Meissner Hello world

10 April, 2010

12:02 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0098-1 (low): viewvc security update

15 April, 2010

17:18 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-test-2010:32216-1 (low): krb5 security update

16 April, 2010

14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0124-1 (important): ghostscript security update
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0128-1 (moderate): ldns/unbound: heap-based remote buffer overflow
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0130-1 (moderate): acroread: security update to version 9.3.1
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0134-1 (moderate): mysql security update
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0138-1 (moderate): mutt: improved SSL certificate handling
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0141-1 (moderate): xpdf security update
14:04 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0143-1 (low): xpdf-poppler: xpdf crashes if user is opening a nonexistent file. This bug is fixed by this update.
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0144-1 (low): libssh: fix heap overflows
14:04 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0145-1 (low): kdelibs4: Changes since 11.2 RC1
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0147-1 (critical): java-1_6_0-openjdk: fix for several security issues
14:04 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0151-1 (low): dovecot security update
14:05 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0157-1 (important): foomatic-filters: Fixed PageSetup section location
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0161-1 (important): silc-toolkit: official update fixes several security issues
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0162-1 (important): java-1_6_0-sun: Security update to JDK 6 update 13.
14:05 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0165-1 (low): release-notes-openSUSE: New Entry (XEN Configuration)
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0166-1 (moderate): pidgin accumulated security update
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0167-1 (low): sbl: fixed buffer overflow (CVE-2009-0310)
14:05 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0169-1 (low): net-snmp: Several bugs are fixed by this update.
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0172-1 (low): krb5 security update
14:05 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0173-1 (low): hplip: Changes since 11.2 RC1
14:05 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0177-1 (moderate): libpng: vulnerability while parsing 1-pixel image
14:05 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0178-1 (low): autofs: This update fixes an automount crash
14:06 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0181-1 (low): rrdtool: Use monospaced font as a default
14:06 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0183-1 (low): yast2-autofs: Does not show the stored information. This bug is fixed by this update.
14:06 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0184-1 (important): fetchmail: fix for security issue regarding SSL cert validatin
14:06 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0186-1 (low): ruby gems security update
14:06 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0188-1 (low): iwl4965-ucode: Fix for wlan driver iwl4965
14:06 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0189-1 (important): curl security update
14:06 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0191-1 (moderate): seccheck: fix for weekly cron script
14:07 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0192-1 (low): kbuild: This update fixes a crash on the build of virtualbox-ose.
14:07 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0196-1 (low): bluez: Changes since 11.2 RC1
14:07 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0198-1 (important): aaa_base: fix kiwi generated liveCDs and other fixes
14:07 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0197-1 (low): xorg-x11-driver-input: A problem with A4Tech X7 series mouse button is fixed by this update.
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0202-1 (moderate): Linux Kernel: Security/Bugfix update to
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0203-1 (important): krb5: security update
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0204-1 (important): pidgin: security update
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0205-1 (important): Linux Kernel: security and bugfix update
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0209-1 (moderate): hal new dbus configuration
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0210-1 (low): perl-IO-Socket-SSL: certificate hostname compare bug
14:07 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0212-1 (low): Combined Translation Update and Release Notes Update
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0214-1 (important): netatalk: papd daemon allowed arbitrary shell command execution
14:07 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0216-1 (important): flash-player security update
14:08 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0220-1 (critical): OpenSSL incorrect checks for malformed signatures
14:08 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0221-1 (important): Linux Kernel update
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0225-1 (low): yast2-add-on-creator: fix package checksum creation
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0226-1 (low): gnome-do: Version-upgrade to fix a bug causing a high CPU use.
14:08 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0227-1 (important): mono security update
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0229-1 (low): powerdevil: Prevent high CPU usage of X servermanagement
14:08 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0230-1 (important): clamav: clamav 0.95.1 fixes two security issues
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0233-1 (important): kiwi: Upgrade to latest KIWI release.
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0234-1 (low): osc: update to support new Build Service XML Format
14:08 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0236-1 (low): openssl: Fixed three remote denial of service problems,
14:08 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0244-1 (moderate): parted: fix corruption of extended partition content
17:02 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0127-1 (moderate): parted: Fix "/proc/partitions" left outdated after modification of partition table
17:02 maintenance openSUSE-RU-2010:0128-1 (moderate): parted: Fix "/proc/partitions" left outdated after modification of partition table

21 April, 2010

10:02 opensuse-security openSUSE-SU-2010:0137-1 (critical): acroread security update
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