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Re: [opensuse-translation] SLE 15 Translation
Vojtěch Zeisek píše v St 20. 12. 2017 v 14:22 +0100:

Yes, OK, if on the end there are no proposals and no fuzzy strings,
it will be
good. Progress. Despite fact there are projects not in so good state.
I'm not
complaining. I just did expect something slightly different...

If you don't wanna just receive emails you can of course do the
reviews, there is cca 1500 strings to review in czech language.

I know how to turn it off. :-)

For what is interest of SUSE we will for sure use contractors to
translate specific apps or do reviews like this, rather than
translating milion strings from desktop files...

Partially probably language specific question, but (in the past?),
translators commonly used terms, which are weird for rest of most of
the Czech
Linux world. I mean, their translations were inconsistent with
another Linux
distributions, thus giving bit a strange feeling.
I understand the point, although desktop files also do contain plenty
string useful for SLE, I think... Or no...?

Well SUSE has list of integral parts which get reviewed and updated as
needed. Those desktops are not there.

Simply take it as provided services that you shall get list of stuff
that you could later on review rather than retranslate, and we have
tons of bugs in the translations (which we plan to ammend with in
example common glossary hopefuly inheriting from [1]).

Also the weird translations are the reason I took time to review the
stuff and have more than 60% of rejected suggestion rate... But in the
end I found issues in the former translation and tweaked it too, so it
is not complete waste...



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