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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate upgrade planned (several days outage expected)
Sarah Julia Kriesch wrote:

But look after the activity in different languages before choosing the day.
It seems the middle of the week is the best time. Some people have
contributed on Monday a lot, too.
This week is bad, because we have got a public holiday on Thursday and some
people want to have a free Friday then.
Tell us what you want to choose. So we can plan our translations.

What about next week, starting with Tuesday? If everything will succeed
on the first try, it will be back online with a new version on Thursday.
In case or one problem, it will be back in Friday. In case of two
problems (power outage, out of memory etc.), i will switch the old
instance back to R/W mode in Friday, and start next try on the next Tuesday.

Once we will get a consensus on the date, I will send a separate mail.

Did you think about using 42.3 for that?
Christian and I want to rollout the test wiki on 42.3 before the release day.

Not yet. But after the release, upgrade to 42.3 will be surely a good
option. I enabled 42.3 repository in the OBS as a first step. Weblate is
sensitive to python modules versions, but hopefully, the latest version
works best in most cases.

I am now trying to package weblate-2.14.1, but the testsuite fails on
segfault, so I will probably to to Leap 42.2 + weblate-2.13.1.

One hint for the next change:
Split your information mail into 2 emails (heroes and translation)in the
future, please.
The change management and downtime is important for most heroes. We can
review that and you can receive your "Go!" there.
Sometimes that will be a topic in the Heroes meeting.

Good hint.

It's true that translators don't care about details of migration of
large Django projects. They need basically only Up/Down and when.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
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