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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate upgrade planned (several days outage expected)
Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Stanislav Brabec schrieb:
We finally solved problems that were blocking our Weblate server from
upgrade. We do not need to stick at the old Weblate 2.6 any more.

The bad news is the fact, that the upgrade and migration process will
take a non-trivial amount of machine time (about two days) to proceed.

Thanks for the heads up!
Given that we are six weeks from the release there is very little
room for failures of the new version. We're also about to deploy
software.o.o and I expect people to notice lots of missing
translations there as the last call to action didn't yield much.
I'm very much looking forward to a new version myself but I'm a bit
nervous to spoil the release fun :-) Do we need anything urgent or
could the migration be deferred to August, so after the release of

The risk of migration itself is zero. The old instance would not be
altered at all. The whole migration will be performed on an offline
backup instance. After completing of the migration process, new server
and new database will be used. If anything will fail, it is easy to
switch back.

You can preview new weblate versions on

The turning the old Weblate down has the only one purpose: Perform
migration on an up-to-date data set.

Testing and fixing of the migration process took a long time. Skipping
many versions and two years of development is far from being trivial.
Longer waiting will complicate the migration even more.

Even now, weblate released a newer version 2.14.1. But the migration was
tuned and tested for 2.13.1, so we will do it for 2.13.1 and migrate to
the latest version afterwards. Migration from 2.6 to any recent version
could require different hacks, but migration from 2.13.1 to the next
version should be seamless.

If anything will fail, it is easily possible to switch to Weblate 2.6
(one line in the routing tables).

We can tune up the new instance for a few days in a "Testing period",
where users will be discouraged to perform big changes (comments,
suggestions etc.). If any serious problem will be found, we can revert.
If not, stay at the new version.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
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