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Re: [opensuse-translation] Unable to fix translations in zypper/master for Dutch
Microfocus translation team asked us for locking of zypper and libzypp
for the period of translation of SLE12 SP3.

As there is a single code base for both openSUSE (and currently for YaST
and ZYPP even for both Leap and Tumbleweed) and SUSE Linux Enterprise
Service Pack 3 (SLE12 SP3), and managers requested full control of
strings in supported languages of enterprise products (to prevent
inferior or even offensive translations), I found no better style of
work than assigning contracted translators as temporary mandatory
reviewers, and allow others to make suggestions.

If you see an error, please make a suggestion (there is even possible to
upload the whole fixed po file as a set of suggestions).

Ideally, both Leap 42.3 and SLE12 SP3 should have the same code and the
same strings.

If these suggestions will not be processed in time, or you will not
agree with reviewers, I can forward you complaint to the Microfocus
translation coordinators.

Starting with SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, we want to unify translation of
all packages across products (i. e. enterprise products should use the
same translation as the current community one; see suggestions by "SLE
Merge Robot" in Weblate). So it is very important to tune this process
now, when we have only two locked packages.

Next version of Weblate will have a language team reviewers feature. I
can imagine that respected community members will have a permanent
commit privilege, and juniors will have commit privilege only during
development period.

I can even imagine rolling translations: Translation from any registered
member will immediately appear in Tumbleweed, but these will be marked
as "unapproved", and before release of Leap / SUSE Linux Enterprise, all
strings will have to be either approved or excluded. This feature is
currently just an idea.

Dne 22.5.2017 v 20:53 Sarah Julia Kriesch napsal(a):
Dear Stanislav,

When do you unlock zypper again?
I would prefer unlocked files for our translators and that we can work with
SUSE together.
The reason is that Leap 42.3 is coming.

Best regards,

Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Mai 2017 um 16:19 Uhr
Von: "Sarah Julia Kriesch" <ada.lovelace@xxxxxx>
An: "Freek de Kruijf" <freek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: opensuse-translation@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse-translation] Unable to fix translations in
zypper/master for Dutch


zypper is locked at the moment. SUSE is working on it.
That was announced with this mail:

Best regards,

Gesendet: Freitag, 19. Mai 2017 um 14:49 Uhr
Von: "Freek de Kruijf" <freek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: opensuse-translation@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: [opensuse-translation] Unable to fix translations in zypper/master
for Dutch


When translating using Weblate of zypper/master for Dutch I can only make
suggestions, but I can not approve translations like for all the other
on the page for Weblate Dutch translations.

Please authorize me to approve these translations as well.


Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
SUSE LINUX, s. r. o. e-mail: sbrabec@xxxxxxxx
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186 00 Praha 8-Karlín fax: +420 284 084 001
Czech Republic
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