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[opensuse-translation] Fwd: [openSUSE Weblate] Merge failed in landing-page/master
  • From: Luiz Fernando Ranghetti <elchevive68@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 13:13:49 -0300
  • Message-id: <>

How can I know what is the conflict and how to correct it?



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <weblate-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2017-03-10 12:04 GMT-03:00
Subject: [openSUSE Weblate] Falha de mesclagem em landing-page/master
To: elchevive68@xxxxxxxxx


Houve uma falha na mesclagem de landing-page/master em openSUSE Weblate.

Mensagem de erro

Auto-merging po/pt_BR.po
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in po/pt_BR.po
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. (1)

Status do repositório

On branch master
Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged,
and have 2 and 2 different commits each, respectively.
(use "git pull" to merge the remote branch into yours)

You have unmerged paths.
(fix conflicts and run "git commit")

Changes to be committed:

modified: assets/js/langpack/ca.json
modified: assets/js/langpack/de.json
modified: assets/js/langpack/ja.json
modified: assets/js/langpack/nl.json
modified: assets/js/langpack/ru.json
modified: index.html
modified: po/ar.po
modified: po/ast.po
modified: po/ca.po
modified: po/cs.po
modified: po/da.po
modified: po/de.po
modified: po/el.po
modified: po/es.po
modified: po/fa.po
modified: po/fr.po
modified: po/gl.po
modified: po/hy.po
modified: po/id.po
modified: po/it.po
modified: po/ja.po
modified: po/ko.po
modified: po/lt.po
modified: po/nl.po
modified: po/nn.po
modified: po/opensuse-landing-page.pot
modified: po/pl.po
modified: po/ru.po
modified: po/sk.po
modified: po/sv.po
modified: po/uk.po
modified: po/zh_CN.po
modified: po/zh_TW.po

Unmerged paths:
(use "git add <file>..." to mark resolution)

both modified: po/pt_BR.po

Veja nossa FAQ para informações sobre como resolver isso.

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