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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate, Leap, tumbleweed and what is pulled from where
Ludwig Nussel skreiv 22. mars 2016 12:48:
Sure. Do you know what the plans are for actually updating the
translation files *available for translation* in Weblate? Will there
be some script doing this, or will we still be depending on the
developers manually doing this?

That depends on the software. The majority of sources are hosted on
github nowadays (like zypp, website etc). Weblate will automatically
pick up any pot file changes there and push back po files more or
less immediately. So chances that translations run out of sync get

I don’t think that’s correct. Yes, Weblate will pick up any PO/POT file changes and push back PO files automatically, but that doesn’t help PO/POT files aren’t actually being updated. Whenever there is a change in the source code, someone (or something) still have to *update* the POT files (and merge the PO files with the POT files),

Weblate doesn’t do the POT file updating, and it also doesn’t do the PO file merging. This lack of updated translation files/templates is one of the two major problems we’ve been having for years with the old SVN server. (The other problem was that the translated PO weren’t being included in the released applications. Weblate *does* fix this problem, since it automatically pushes translated PO files to the server, so that the developers don’t have to fetch them manually.)

So unless there are scripts automatically running to update the POT and PO files, or strict procedures for the developers to follow (scripts to manually run after each Git commit), the chance that the translation files get out of sync isn’t ‘minimized’; it’s actually closer to 100%. (Unless I’ve misunderstood how Weblate is configured for openSUSE.)

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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