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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate, Leap, tumbleweed and what is pulled from where
Tomas Chvatal skreiv 22. mars 2016 11:28:
Just few points you two again seem to ignore.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Isn’t the points you are listing exactly the points we are discussing, not ignoring, or one that we had no information on?

1) There will be mass download and mass upload for the .po files.

This is great! This is the first official information we have gotten on this, so thank you for the information.

2) I proposed the KDE Summit/pology based translations as first
solution back when we started and carlos started complaining how bad
and evil it is.

References? I have also proposed it (and actually used it for translating openSUSE for a long time), but can’t remember Carlos saying it was ‘bas and evil’. One might dislike the merging of strings for separate branches (if one is only interested in translating a single branch), but the nice thing about the KDE Summit framework is that it’s completely optional. (For example, in KDE some teams use it and some don’t.)

Thus we went with weblate to provide the reviews/etc as
he wanted. We are not going to use that now simply not worth it since
we really finished most of the tasklist for the weblate already.

No problem. If we get mass downloading and uploading of PO/POT files, setting up a custom PO Summit framework (if one wants to) is easy peasy.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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