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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate, Leap, tumbleweed and what is pulled from where
Just few points you two again seem to ignore.

1) There will be mass download and mass upload for the .po files. It is
even one item we already have on the tracker of things to fix. And it
was mentioned by Standa in the huge thread we had here.
2) New instance containing weblate 2.5 will be set up soon standa is
now finishing up the migration on test server, he encountered problem
with database migration so we are looking to that.
2) I proposed the KDE Summit/pology based translations as first
solution back when we started and carlos started complaining how bad
and evil it is. Thus we went with weblate to provide the reviews/etc as
he wanted. We are not going to use that now simply not worth it since
we really finished most of the tasklist for the weblate already.

Have fun

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