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Re: [opensuse-translation] Weblate, Leap, tumbleweed and what is pulled from where
Michael Skiba píše v Pá 11. 03. 2016 v 20:57 +0100:
Hi folks,

Right now I'm a little bit confused which translations are used for
which oS
version and where they are being pulled from. I must have lost track
over one
of the lengthy and passionate conversations - which I do not want to
with this thread. It is really more about where the work is most

From what I understand we currently have the following situation:
- svn.o.o contains trunk which is used for the tumbleweed version and
does not
go into translation freeze anymore.
- svn.o.o also contains SLE branches that are used for the LEAP
- l10n.o.o contains a reduced set of files(?) that is being hosted on
and is used for ???

Is there any synchronization between those branches (especially
Weblate and trunk)?

Consider it this way:

svn.o.o: repo splits per releases of openSUSE rather than releases weblate linked to git and branches of the projects

In short you translate master branch that goes to the project and then
upon release is put to the respective branch.

If the project is tied to the releases (releasenotes) then you have
translation memory of all branches and see them all. Differentiating
strings are sent only to respective branches. When anyone decides to do
release based on the branch it will have all the goodies.

The release notes example:

Basically everything that is put in svn might get used atm but will be
definitely migrated to weblate and not lost.

Atm the update of weblate with bugs fixed from the last round is in
progress here
When it builds and gets published more stuff will get migrated.


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