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Re: [opensuse-translation] Translations for Plasma-pk-updates
On Tuesday, 17 November 2015 06:49:54 CET Alexander Melentev wrote:
0) Maintainership on SVN side. While for the first time you can send
those pot files here, general case is that you need an svn account to
send us newer versions of pot files (checking out new translations can
be done anonimously). You can search this list for recent requests for
new languages to find the password generation script and target email
for such a request.

I will check out the list to see what the procedure is and then request the
correct information/account.

1) Maintainership on distro side. Getting the fresh pot and pushing
new translations back to the real distro users is (and always was) the
main problem of the whole translation process here. We are informed of

With every new update, I can and will update the pot file on the SVN side.

some files, where translations were not used in a distro for several
years. Another example is that there are already five KDE-related
files for translation available in our repo, with
kde-maintainers@xxxxxxx enlisted as maintainer for those files. The

Well, this account is causing also issues in other areas. The account was
created back in the days where SUSE still had a team to support KDE (Lubos,
Will, Dirk, Ismail). Since the end of the openSUSE boosters, a small group of
the openSUSE community took over and we have been struggling to get control of
that account. We want to either remove that email address or to get the right
people as part of it. Tomas Chvatal is currently helping us arranging this.

sad truth is that at least some of them belong to software not used
anymore in openSUSE (like simple-ccsm-kde) and just rot there without
any attention from a so called maintainer. If you would like to submit
a new file for translation, you should also keep in mind that you'll
have to keep it updated and also check out new translations on a
regular basis.

Could you send me directly a list of these KDE related files ? I can then
validate them if they are still required and if not we can clean them up.

2) Upstream conflicts. If the source code is written in
translation-ready form, then sooner or later we will face the fact
that upstream translations will appear and it should be decided now
how to handle them. We already have an experience with KDE desktop
files, where our translations get overwrited by upstream content, and
it is pretty demotivating.

As indicated I am trying to get the point of view of the upstream developers
and where they want to go with this package. I agree that we shouldn't waste
precious time of people.

So I will not submit the file until I know what is going to happen upstream.



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