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Re: [opensuse-translation] How to translate patterns in YaST software manager?

But it's unreasonable to expect that most trams will reach even 50%, so my idea
was to signal importance of the package.

But those sources connected to the DVD - including the patterns - and the rest
could do.


Am 17. November 2015 05:07:54 MEZ, schrieb Alexander Melentev
2015-11-16 13:32 GMT+03:00 Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx>:
On 15.11.2015 23:40, Alexander Melentev wrote:
Well, there is not much sense in such splitting for me either, but I
was trying to stay compatible with existing realisation, which was
generating package lists based on media (kde cd, gnome cd, dvd,
and then splitting them into parts by package name. I couldn't break
this by doing splitting in a different fashion cause we are still
aware of the way these translations get used on real media (and
breaking another people's workflow without preliminary agreement is
definitely not the way to have a lot of fun).
The split is just there to help translators - the translations are
merged into one big thing before usage anyway.

So fix the splitting to be as useful as needed by translators.


Having all binary packages of one src package in the same list sounds
reasonable to me. So if one binary is in kde_cd, pull up all others

If we can split how we want it to split, then I wouldn't take media in
account anymore. Leap doesn't have CDs and Tumbleweed has no physical
media at all, so it will be much more logical and convinient to just
get the packages descriptions from the repo and split them by src
package name into pieces of reasonable size.

Regards, Minton.

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