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Re: [opensuse-translation] How to translate patterns in YaST software manager?
2015-11-15 23:14 GMT+03:00 Karl Ove Hufthammer <karl@xxxxxxxxxx>:
15. nov. 2015 19:18, Alexander Melentev wrote:

Due to a fixed bug in package lists creation, the number of messages
has raised noticably, cause some completely new messages are now
extracted correctly. Also po files are not sorted by content anymore.

Thanks for fixing the sorting issue. It makes the translators’ job much
easier (and will probably increase quality).

But is it really necessary to have the strings into *different* .pot files?
Related strings appear in very different files. For example,

anjuta/summary is in dvd1.pot
anjuta/libanjuta-3-0/summary is in dvd4.pot
anjuta/anjuta-devel/summary is in factory1.pot
anjuta/glade-catalog-anjuta/summary is in factory2.pot
anjuta/typelib-1_0-Anjuta-3_0/summary is in factory9.pot

Well, there is not much sense in such splitting for me either, but I
was trying to stay compatible with existing realisation, which was
generating package lists based on media (kde cd, gnome cd, dvd, repo)
and then splitting them into parts by package name. I couldn't break
this by doing splitting in a different fashion cause we are still not
aware of the way these translations get used on real media (and
breaking another people's workflow without preliminary agreement is
definitely not the way to have a lot of fun).

The initial data for each pot file is a package list sorted by name,
the name of src package is extracted later in the process by
converting perl script (I used it as ready-made software since I don't
even read in perl). The only way to have the resulting messages sorted
by src package name instead of now-used package name is to have
initial package list sorted by src package name. This will get your
example lines split in two files instead of five, but somebody has to
write this additional sorter.

Regards, Minton.
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