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Re: [opensuse-translation] [Leap 42.1] Release Notes French Translation
  • From: Vojtěch Zeisek <vojtech.zeisek@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 16:15:55 +0100
  • Message-id: <2165210.iITDn1cPMH@veles>
Dne St 4. listopadu 2015 15:39:24, Carlos E. R. napsal(a):
On 2015-11-04 14:52, Vojtěch Zeisek wrote:
Dne St 4. listopadu 2015 14:32:47, Carlos E. R. napsal(a):
On 2015-11-04 13:17, Freek de Kruijf wrote:
Op woensdag 4 november 2015 11:12:39 schreef Tomáš Chvátal:
Also nobody is forcing you to go with the weblate. You can
just copy the po file in the git repo and do everything right

Git is too complicated for my simple brain. Maybe with a
cookbook explanation I can cope with it.


I have no idea how to copy that file and submit it.

Does this help?

No, sorry. It has to be a page at, documenting the exact
process for opensuse translation process. Including how to assign a
file to a particular person, by the team coordinator.

It is just a git repository. Like any else. So that general information about
how to use Git is enough. Don't look for complexity where there is no any.
Although I agree I miss documentation on the wiki...

One needs account on GitHub and permission to write to particular

Which are the repositories corresponding to the current svn yast and
lcn? A single directory or two, please, I can't go searching for files
all over the place.

E.g. says ...

If You don't have it, You can ask maintainer to get it. Otherwise
You can fork the repository and clone it

Sorry, I don't understand any of that.

OK, basically, there is no difference in purpose and basic logic of SVN and
Git. If You wish to edit someone's else repository, You must make Your own
copy (=fork it), modify it and then ask owner of original repository to
include Your changes (=create pull request). Have You tried to learn Git? If
You refuse Git, what is wrong with download/upload po files over web? If any
possibility fits Your needs, then, I'm sorry, I'm unable to help You...

Seriously, I don't see much difference compare to SVN. Git is more
powerful, so it has more functions, and, yes, more commands...
Well, if You don't like git in command line, use GitHub's web
interface or weblate. Other option is to make it graphically -
download selected *.po files, modify and upload over GitHub
interface and create a pull request. Sorry, I'm confused. Some
people were complaining they don't like web interface. And now
there are complains about command line...? SVN is little bit
deprecated, projects are commonly moving to Git...

We only needed two commands for svn: up, and commit. Nothing else.
Browse to the directory holding all the lcn po files, and do "svn
commit --message "arbitrary comment". That's all. Copypaste a command.

Less features, less commands... It is like to complain about changes when
moving from Windows Notepad to real text editor, at least KWrite. For some
purposes Notepad is enough. But in some point it is not anymore. Basic usage
is also more or less same, although the latter has more possibilities what to
do... So what is the big difference between SVN and Git?
# Initial clone of the repository
git clone
work, edit, ...
git pull # get newest changes from the repository
git checkout # see which files are changed
git add ... # select modified files for commit, use TAB
git commit -m "Some description"
git push origin master # send Your changes
Is it really too complicated over the old SVN? Note it is common practice to
abandon SVN in favor of Git. openSUSE is not reinventing wheel... It took me
one afternoon to learn basic usage when I needed to...

Vojtěch Zeisek

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