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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
On 17 October 2015 at 12:09, Carlos E. R. <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My ideal world is one in which the people who currently consider
themselves 'Translators' are no longer saying 'we can't do that
because...' and instead learning the skills, which in this case
includes both communication and technical skills,

No way.

You can't have that.

Fine, Carlos, I would normally send this message in private but as our
private correspondence seems likely to end up public, let me put this
to you very clearly

If that is your attitude, then I recommend, no, I actively, strongly,
request, that you cease all contribution, activity, and involvement
with the openSUSE Project

There is no point flogging a dead horse, and if you honestly believe
that there is no way you or others like you will ever learn new skills
or processes, then there really is nothing more to discuss

But if you want to understand my logic behind this request, let me
point out a few other facts

You model yourself as a contributor who primarily supports users on
the forums and translates for openSUSE

On the support forums, you were recently banned for repeatedly
inciting and engaging in unproductive debates and arguing with
moderators, much like you are doing here.

On the matter of translations, you clearly consider it important for
you, but at the same time you declare the situation with Tumbleweed
impossible and are unable or unwilling to consider any options on how
to improve the situation and expect others to deliver it for you -
when objecting to what others suggest to help improve the situation.

Considering your conduct on these lists more generally, there are
times where I feel forced, for the sake of my own sanity, to filter
out and actively ignore every thread or post you are involved in, and
just hope that the situation in those threads doesn't get too bad for
me to be considered derelict in my duty as a Board Member of the

In those weeks that I am ignoring your posts, they are often some of
my most productive - it's certainly better for my sanity & my
contributions to the Project to spend more time dealing with issues
other than lengthy debates with you on the mailinglists. From speaking
to other contributors, I know I am not alone with that approach,
indeed I suspect I am somewhat more moderate as such filtering is not
a permanent arrangement.

In short, you don't support people on the forums, you don't translate
(or at least, you don't translate in a way which the openSUSE
distributions benefit), and you generate enough noise on the
mailinglists that I often feel forced to turn a blind eye to every
post you make for a while in order to maintain my enthusiasm for
working on the project.

So please, just go elsewhere. These endless debates waste your time,
my time, and the time of everyone who reads it

And some of us have work we'd much rather be doing.

- Richard Brown
openSUSE en_GB Translator-In-Training
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