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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Carlos E. R. - 12:09 17.10.15 wrote:
My ideal world is one in which the people who currently consider
themselves 'Translators' are no longer saying 'we can't do that
because...' and instead learning the skills, which in this case
includes both communication and technical skills,

No way.

You can't have that.

I know translators who knows a little bit about development and are
willing to learn new things. So it is possible.

Hint: how many developers write good documentation?

Every developer has to start with at least some documentation unless he
wants his software to rot in corner or repeat himself over and over on
communication "forums".

Another hint: how many developers participate in forums with plain users?


I'd also say my ideal world would include the people you consider
to be 'Devs' to try and make steps from the other direction, and
try to learn the skills, provide tooling,

As a matter of fact, we did. We contributed tools.

Which tools? Any tool that solves our current problems? Anything on
github that can solve the issue project is facing?

But to be totally blunt, I'd actually look totally past that, if
the _output_ of the translation team was effective. If we had
half-decent translations of our two distributions, Tumbleweed or

But that is not our fault. It is "yours".

Hint: I used some "" with some purpose...

Personally, I don't care about blame. Blame is hanging to the past. I
care about the future and how to move forward and achieve the best
results possible, so I would suggest focusing on that and how to get
Tumbleweed and Leap translated and not on who stepped on which toes at
which time and who was heavier.
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