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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Den 14. okt. 2015 20:00, Stanislav Brabec skreiv:

And about not publishing... being able to download an rpm with a
partially done translation would help sometimes, in order to run that
application and see the partial result in place. For example, for
checking if a string overflows or does not wrap correctly.


I am thinking about an application capable to download mo files in progress on fly from the translation server. Without making a test package and installation.

It would just need hacking of few glibc calls with a preload.

This look needlessly complicated. Since the translations are stored in SVN, it’s currently actually *very fast and easy* for a translator to test the translation of an application. You just have to run (quit the application if it’s running first):

sudo msgfmt appname.po -o /usr/share/locale/langcode/LC_MESSAGES/

(where ‘langcode’ is the two-letter language code for the translation)

and then start the application. I use a simple script which basically does the above, using a command like:

test-trans appname

(The script searches the translation directory and all subdirectories for appname.po, and then runs the ‘sudo msgfmt’ command mentions above with the correct filenames for the .po and .mo file.)

I guess this tip should be documented on the translation wiki. I’ll add it when the details for the name translation frame work is in place (and documented).

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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