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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Dne 14.10.2015 v 19:13 Michael Skiba napsal(a):

For some languages there have been paid translators for the SLE releases.
Would that change with the new system where all branches are merged in one po

It depends on different managers and their budget, but I would say that paid translators will be kept.

Their co-ordination with openSUSE is still an open question.

Up to now, there was no co-ordination. It was a permanently diverging one-way work. Nobody merged SLE translations back to LCN SVN trunk, nobody watched for differences.

It needs a change.

The translation imported to GitHub by me already include strings from SLE12 SP1 that were missing in trunk.

Review of changes is still an open question, but the Mass Review Request API was implemented to Weblate this week.

We have a translator in our team that is highly concerned that translating for
a commercial product - that SLE is - could get him in troubles with his

From a legal aspect, you are translating GPL product, and in say 99.5% you are translating a GPL product released free for public.

Anybody can legally branch GPL product and make a commercial product, so I see no problem in this point.

But yes, I can see a problem if you translate that say 0.5% of strings that are SLE specific. You are still translating GPL product, but it is provided solely as a service to our customers.

I guess that could be fixable if:

1. Each string has visible branches where it is translated.

2. Weblate would allow you to translate only subset of branches (i. e. it will make SLE specific strings invisible).

Such feature does not exist yet, but I guess it could be implemented.

Regarding my 0.5% guess:

Our current software development policy is simple: Each change in SLE has to be earlier or later reflected somehow in Tumbleweed.

In case of straightforward upstreaming of the patch, the string will appear in Tumbleweed early after SLE.

But sometimes Tumbleweed is far ahead from SLE, and strings there will be different. => SLE specific string will exist.

Here is my guess based on my translation-update-upstream work:

- 90% of strings are common for Tumbleweed and SLE.

- 9% of strings were sometimes in Tumbleweed in past, but now they are no more there. But SLE still uses it (and Leap will probably inherit them as well).

- 0.5% of strings were never in Tumbleweed, but were inherited from SLE to Leap.

- 0.5% of strings are solely for SLE product, and will never reach anything other.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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