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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Dne 14.10.2015 v 02:20 Alexander Melentev napsal(a):
> 2015-10-13 11:57 GMT+03:00 Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Carlos E. R. wrote:

> 2. Scalability. When everything will be migrated to weblate it will
> result in almost 200 separate repos/projects. On currently deployed
> Weblate I saw no option to mass-download files of one language from
> all (or subset of) projects. Same for uploading. Managing that file by
> file in web UI is too much for one individual.

It is already possible to download them.


Mass-upload is possible as well.

I agree that publishing easy mass download scripts specially targeted to openSUSE server would be useful.

> Can we expect some
> API/scripting support on server side to be able to push a bunch of
> files at once from command line? That would really become the needed
> "valve" to speed everything up.

There is an API:

(Well, we actually have 2.3 installed. I want to update to 2.4 + feature patches once it will be packaged. The version that will be installed will appear in M17N repo in OBS. Currently it is in home:Nijel:weblate.)

> 3. Communication. Knowing only by accident about significant changes
> gone live was not a pleasant experience and this thread was started in
> bad feelings. It is getting too big for detailed discussion, and my
> previous questions about proper ways to talk to weblate guys were not
> answered.

Well, a small subset of packages with a low frequency of updates was intended as testcase. Once Weblate will be updated to version 2.4 and migrated to production servers, we planned official announce and officially start of beta testing.

But people discovered the test server even earlier than I deleted files in LCN, probably in the scout bug, libgnomesu (with translation work-flow broken in LCN SVN trunk for > 5 years) or eiciel (which is not an openSUSE project, but most translations were done in Novell), and started to edit usin Weblate. First conflict appeared. I did not want to cause more conflicts, so I decided to delete files for test projects in LCN SVN.

Migration of Release Notes (untranslatable for Leap until that migration) made our experiments visible earlier that we planned.

> I really would like to see devs/translators communication
> improving. Can we organize a separate technical discussion or even
> better an IRC meeting? I clearly saw form this and other discussions
> (incl. ongoing in yast-devel) that devs and translators have different
> understanding and priorities of the same process, so some
> meeting/detailed discussion would definitely help us to understand
> each other better.

No more translations migration will be done now.

Migration of all packages would need a discussion with larger audience.

I even think that several pot/po files in LCN SVN are just dead and unmaintained for years, and will need to merge, upstream or drop.

As you mentioned, the LCN SVN process is not automated. Obsoleting of packages is not automated as well, and pot files tend to stay forever.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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