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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Den 12. okt. 2015 18:14, Martin Schlander skreiv:
2. KDE (as far as I know): Someone has to register to local mailing
list. Request for a file. Coordinator sends him the po file. The
person sends the file back to coordinator. The coordinator commits the
file. Not sure where someone can check the stats or what file he was
to translate. It looks too complicated to me and too slow.
For a non-coordinator to translate KDE, all the guy needs to do is:

1) go to, e.g.
and download the PO-file

Actually, it’s even easier. Even if a translator doesn’t have commit access directly to KDE’s repository, (s)he can do a checkout from the official repository. So to fetch updated translations to work on, (s)he only has to run

svn up

The (s)he only has to translate the files and then e-mail them to the translation coordinator. Of course, opening an e-mail client and manually attaching files is a hassle, so hopefully the coordinator has supplied a script, so that the translator can just run


(For the KDE translation teams I’m part of, we found that having the coordinator handling e-mails is a hassle, so we’ve instead set up a private SVN repository where the (trusted) translators can commit the translations directly.)

Of course it would make sense for the guy to give the coordinator notice
before starting work to avoid duplicated work. It might also make sense to
join a mailing list or an IRC channel where coordination and standardization
can take place.

Not just ‘make sense’; IMHO a good translation team with > 1 member *needs* a mailing list (and perhaps an IRC channel) to communicate and coordinate the translations. (I would have a mailing list even for *1-member* teams, for outside feedback and terminology discussions with non-translators.)

The team also *needs* written lingustic guidelines for translations, to ensure consistent translation (and again, yes, even for 1-member teams). These guidelines should preferably be common to all free software translations projects for the given language, and not tied to any one project.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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