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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Op maandag 12 oktober 2015 18:14:56 schreef Martin Schlander:
Søndag den 11. oktober 2015 11:08:22 skrev Efstathios Iosifidis:
2. KDE (as far as I know): Someone has to register to local mailing
list. Request for a file. Coordinator sends him the po file. The
person sends the file back to coordinator. The coordinator commits the
file. Not sure where someone can check the stats or what file he was
to translate. It looks too complicated to me and too slow.

For a non-coordinator to translate KDE, all the guy needs to do is:

1) go to, e.g.
and download the PO-file
2) translate the PO with his preferred editor
3) e-mail the translated PO to the coordinator (e-mail address can be found
in any KDE app under Help -> About [APP] -> Translation).

This is too simple. The pot file and consequently the po file may have changed
in the meantime. So merging is needed and possibly some quality control on the
translation. So either you merge the newest pot file with the received po file
in case you trust the translation or you put the received po file in the
translation memory and start translating the newest po file from the
repository. Newly translated entries are easily spotted, because they appear
in the TM field. Updated translations are difficult to spot in that case.

Of course it would make sense for the guy to give the coordinator notice
before starting work to avoid duplicated work. It might also make sense to
join a mailing list or an IRC channel where coordination and standardization
can take place.

Here I could see some benefits of Weblate when looking at suggestions to
improve translations.

And I don't see how a web based tool would change this. Except a web based
tool might undermine any sort of "team spirit" and standardization efforts,
by making it a free for all, leaving it to the reviewer/manager to clean up
after "hit and run" translators.


member openSUSE
Freek de Kruijf

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