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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Dne 12.10.2015 v 11:12 Tomáš Chvátal napsal(a):
Dne Ne 11. října 2015 14:58:59, Karl Ove Hufthammer napsal(a):
Den 11. okt. 2015 10:46, Karl Ove Hufthammer skreiv:
Is it easy to download and upload *all* the files in one go, and using
the command line? That’s a requirement for me for having an efficient
work flow.

I’ve now registered at, and done some
testing. (BTW, it seems like anyone with an openSUSE (i.e. Bugzilla)
account can register, and make any changes to any translations in any

Which I said in my mail is known. And the reason why it was not open beta.

When Standa is around today I will talk to him and we will fire newer version
containing multiple fixes (not sure now on the state of the reviews, but
simply consider it to be done before it is actually fully in progress).

At least currently, it looks it’s *not* possible to mass-download or
mass-upload translation files. One have to use the Web interface, go to
each application and download a single file (three clicks, but quite a
few more if you include choosing the download location). For uploading,
you have to repeat a similar procedure. And there is no way of
downloading the template files (.pot files) *at all*.

This is also one of the features that is must for internal use. So it seems
something borked so we will need to tweak it up. Again follow the process as I
said on how to report issues.

Weblate currently does not handle pot files. It expects, that the developer of the package does mass msgmerge.

It is either possible to ask maintainer of git repositories to add pot files to the repo, or add a new feature to Weblate.

And, worryingly, translators’ comments (comments that can be added to a
translation file for each string, for example to clarify why the
translation was done the way it was, as a reminder to future translators
and to oneself) are *stripped* from the translation file. That is, if
you do offline translation, add a translator’s comment, upload the file,
and download the file again, the translator’s comment is gone! (And it’s
not visible in the Weblate interface either.) That’s a quite severe bug.
(This also means that any translators’ comments that were in the
original files in SVN that were ‘stolen’ (not my words) are now gone if
you download them from Weblate, so don’t do that.)

Didn't happen when I tried it but again is a bug, quite severe one, so shall
be fixed.

Looks like a bug.

Translations had to be stolen, otherwise people could translate in two places at once.

Anyway, both openSUSE LCN SVN and GitHub are versioning systems.

The version committed to GIT by me was only passed through msgmerge. It should contain all comments.

It is possible to recover all comments.

Also, committing of the translated files doesn’t seem to work. When I
uploaded a file, I got this error message: ‘Failed to push to remote
branch on libcamgm/master.’ So perhaps even if a file is translated in
Weblate, one isn’t guaranteed that it’s actually pushed to the source
code repository and included in future application releases? Though this
might perhaps just be a feature that isn’t implemented yet, as openSUSE
Weblate is still in beta, so I’m not too worried about this (yet).

This looks like the hoook on github was not yet enabled on cangmgm. Try the
same on eciel, as that one I already translated for testing it should work
there. But it is soft-fail. You translate and it is kept, and when the hook on
the github repo is added it auto-publishes without loss.

This is already fixed:

This was a GitHub configuration problem. opensuse-i18n is member of openSUSE committers group, which is allowed to push to most openSUSE projects. But not all. Now it is fixed and all edits are in the GitHub.

All in all, *currently* it doesn’t look like Weblate is ready for use;
there is some very basic functionality missing. But we can of course be
optimistic that this will be fixed before Weblate is implemented as the
official way of translating.

I told ya, it was not ready for announcement, we wanted to do it in this or
next week...

We needed to import some projects and get feedback. I'll stop importing more projects, and fix all reported problems.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
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