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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Hi all,

I know I said on the parallel thread in -project that I want to keep a
respectful distance and let the open issues being discussed be
resolved by the contributors involved

However, there is something I see in this thread which concerns me

Carlos E.R. wrote
No, AFAIK he is not in the translation team. Not one of us. He is in
suse. If he were one of us, he would at least have told us what was
going on.

This sort of divisive mindset and commentary is totally unacceptable.
The people working on Weblate are contributors, just like you and the
rest of *us*.

They are contributing proposed tooling and processes to improve things
for the entire project, not just the subscribers to this list. There
might be disagreements about details, but the way to deal with that is
to discuss those issues respectfully and professionally.

Engage on and discuss the issues and the practicalities, not whether
or not they have a right to do something - you have to be prepared for
unexpected contributions from unexpected sources, without it no open
project has much of a long term future.

Using divisive terms like 'us' and 'them', 'suse' and 'community', and
'not one of us' directly discourages these kind of new contributions,
which I consider a major threat to the long term viability and
vitality of this project.
If you want to continue down that path, I want you to consider
following through with your threats and ceasing your contribution to
this project.
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