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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
Den 11. okt. 2015 18:42, Carlos E. R. skreiv:
If all this is possible, I won’t see much of a problem with
>openSUSE using Weblate. I’ll be able to use my normal workflow
>(just replacing ‘svn up’ and ‘svn commit’ with two other
>commands). And for versioning, I’ll (hopefully) be able to continue
>to use the current SVN repository (perhaps with a different, more
>sensible, directory structure). As long as one person on each team
>was responsible for downloading from Weblate to SVN, and uploading
>from SVN to Weblate (two simple commands to run), other people
>could continue to use SVN (and other tools based on this, such as
>Vertaal) just like they do now.
Vertaal will no longer work. It does not support GIT, and Gabriel said
in the past he would not do that large modification.

What I was thinking of when writing the above was to *continue* to use the current SVN server for hosting the translation files, but uploading the results to Weblate (to automatically export them to the various tools hosted in Git, so that they would be available in openSUSE packages). It would work like this:

One person would run a simple script, called, for example, which would download the updated templates from Weblate and (optionally, with a per-language setting) merge existing translations with the templates. This script should be run regularly (e.g., once per day).

The translation templates and translation would be organized in the ‘by-language’ directory structure detailed in so that each team had a separate directory to do all their work in (which is the preferred directory layout for most translation tools too).

The various translators would use the tools they prefer to update the translation files. Some teams may use Vertaal to coordinate everything.

One person would run a simple script, called, for example, to mass-upload all the translations to Weblate.

Variant (perhaps the preferred one?): Each *team coordinator* would be responsible for running and/or for his/her language.

If Weblate supported command-line based mass-downloading of templates files (*.pot) and mass-uploading of translations files (*.po), this would actually be *very* easy to accomplish. We would only need a few line of shell scripting.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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