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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate
WE wrote that wiki, mean translation team, right? So that mean
it's the official way of translation. If it's not that wiki the
official, what it? It's under

And somebody else, from outside, has changed it all without telling us
a word. The contents of that wiki are now moot.

From outside? Tom? Outside? Hm, I think he's more inside than all of us.
I didn't know what they do for 42.1 but until they announce something
that works, we continue as we are.

Weblate is developed by a member of Czech openSUSE team but since
he's not my team member, it's evil.

Don't be daft :-/

I might sound like one but I still believe you sound selfish. From
your reply to Tom, you said similar to:

I want documented, how to download the po file, procedures, I won't
help testing.

1. You translate 42.1 which is testing right now. So you test a product.
2. Vertaal, Weblate, Zanata, Transifex, Damned Lies (and similar
platforms) have a link on a po file to download and a form to upload
the translated one. I guess they change the colour only.
3. Vertaal doesn't have documentation on official site, it's not
official for community but we still use it. I wrote documentation in
my language both for SVN and Vertaal. Still members don't use it.

You sound like (sorry if it seems harsh):

I'll be waiting the release of 42.1, I'll wait until the bugs will
eliminate to zero. Then I'll translate the whole release. Finally,
I'll install 42.1 and use it.

Why would they need to do that? Just use vertaal. The majority of my
team do not even have an svn account.

The majority of our team doesn't have svn account (I think only 2 have
an account out of 36 people and I'm the only one that use it). Only
one person translates using Vertaal. I upload translation using
SmartGIT (GUI) with my SVN account. Merges that might require from me
to use terminal, done from me using Vertaal (since I'm end user and I
don't know how to use terminal).
As you can see, even if 34 members doesn't have svn account, they
don't use Vertaal. Don't know why. Is it because it's not usable?
Someone has to consider why.

Instead of going to project list complaining, you can create a post on
connect asking the community to vote, send an e-mail to project to see
what the majority of the community wants. People who translate right
now are limited and receive this list. But there might be members who
find it difficult to translate using this system and do marketing etc.
As all know, developers doesn't write documentation. Members who
engage with the project, write tutorials and translate.

Thanks for reading.
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