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Re: [opensuse-translation] openSUSE Weblate

No, we wrote that wiki.

WE wrote that wiki, mean translation team, right? So that mean it's
the official way of translation.
If it's not that wiki the official, what it? It's under

No, you are wrong. The board decides nothing, that's the policy. The
policy is that those who do things, decide how to do them.

I think you're wrong on this. Check

The first paragraph says:

The main tasks for members of the board are:

- Act as a central point of contact
- Help resolve conflicts
- Communicate community interests to SUSE
- Facilitate communication with all areas of the community
- Facilitate decision making processes where needed.

I think this issue is something that you can contact them.
Decision making where needed. IF there's a request to move to other
tool (there's no mention on any list) and we have conflict, then the
board can decide.

In this case, somebody has "decided" for the people that do the
translations without even asking or telling, by doing it directly.
Whatever that "it" is.

No one decided to do anything, to move translations to another tool.
I don't know anything about it, you don't know anything about it. So
we make a lot of noise out of it.

I use Vertaal. Actually, Vertaal was created by a member of my team,
Gabriel, implementing many of the ideas we, the Spanish team, had and
developed when we started working.

I use Vertaal too. But this sounds MORE selfish.

"A member of my team"... I use the tool that he created but I don't
use other tools that other teams might developed.

Weblate is developed by a member of Czech openSUSE team but since he's
not my team member, it's evil.

Vertaal is not a translation editor. Weblate is.

Totaly wrong.
Vertaal has an option where you can change-translate online but it's
too ugly. You should know the code where to translate.
Weblate has a nicer online translation.

Often I translate at a remote isolated place without Internet, or very
limited, so using a webtool for doing the actual translation is out of
the question.

And even without that, I hate the very idea of working that way, for
many reasons.

Yes me too.
But as far as I know you can download the po file from weblate,
translate it and then upload it back. The same thing as Vertaal, the
same thing as Damned Lies (not sure how it's called) that GNOME uses.

So, no, I'm not overreacting. Mainly because they told us nothing. :-/

On the other hand you and everyone else imagine the situation I live.

Translators don't want to bother how to checkout, pull, push etc.
Translators want a simple file or even web based tool to translate
from English to local language since they're end users. Wiki is easier
to translate. I used wiki to attract more members to our team.

Personally I'm more GUI and I struggle with terminal. I'm just an end
user. Don't know how to read-write code. Many members of local
community are the same as me. I wrote documentation how to translate
via terminal and Vertaal.
I fired them up with translation marathons, translation events in
general. When they saw that they have to use terminal (create an
account, checkout, upload their translations) they left our team.
So now IT'S ONLY ME TRANSLATING. You tell me now, do I have to quit or
continue translate? Do I have to act selfish, quit the team (even if
I'm only one) and focus more on other projects and
personal-professional career?

Anyways, food for thought for the whole community.
Have fun,
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