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Re: [opensuse-translation] Leap
Den 08. juli 2015 06:19, Carlos E. R. skreiv:
Are we getting a "Leap" branch? How do we handle it?

I know nothing about a ‘Leap’ branch, but if openSUSE is beginning to have several branches which must be translated simultaneous, I recommend moving to a ‘Pology summit’ framework, like some translation teams for KDE do:

Basically, the translator’s work with .po files called summit .po files, which are ‘supercollections’ of the corresponding .po files in the various branches. If a string exists in several branches (as most strings do), you only have to translate it *once*. If a string is modified in one branch but not others, the two similar strings are placed (as separate strings) after one another in the summit .po file, so that that it’s easy to compare them and see what the difference is, and to make the appropriate changes.

(In many cases one would use the same translation for both strings. This is the case when translation done for a stable and a development branch, where the stable branch is in ‘string freeze’, so that no changes to the original (English) string is allowed. If the original string is badly worded (or contains a spelling mistake), this can only be fixed in the development branch. However, the translation should be based on the improved string in both cases.)

The summit workflow handles .po files which are split (e.g. an application is split into a library and a UI file, but only in one branch), merged or renamed. I have done some tests on the openSUSE branches, and it seems to work fine. (The config file needs some changes from the one listed on the Pology Web site, to deal with the directory structure and file naming scheme used by openSUSE.)

The individual teams can decide themselves if they want to use the summit workflow, i.e., not all teams need to use it.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
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