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Re: [opensuse-translation] New announcement to translate in
2015-01-28 9:28 GMT-02:00 Carlos E. R. <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
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On 2015-01-28 12:10, Luiz Fernando Ranghetti wrote:

I have near zero developer skills but you can ask keichwa how we
does it - how he update all po files when a new pot arrive at SVN,
but I guess is this script:

Or we could use something similar to Scripty in KDE (at least in
the automatic update .po files part). Because right now, for people
using Tumbleweed, some things aren't translated, eg. zypper -
although pt_BR are 100% translated on trunk, in TW zypper are a mix
of pt_BR and English, probably because in SVN we have a outdated
.pot. Maybe we should automatize this process a little bit (of
creating .pot files and putting them on trunk)

Creating/updating the "pot" file is up to the developers of each
package; it typically is one "make" target.

Creating/updating the "po" file, however, is up to the translators,
and has to be done at a moment when the translator of that language is
not working on that file, or he will commit his version destroying the
merge. So an automated merge is not desirable.

An script can exist, but you have to call it at the appropriate moment
for you. Vertaal has that feature, but vertaal is not working now.

An automated "po" update on every "pot" update is possible, but you
have to be aware of the collision danger. The hope is that collisions
are minimal.

Thats why I suggest the KDE scripty. In theirs case this script do the
magic (it runs everyday), If you commit an outdated version on .po, it
will do the merge - in fact it read the codes, creates the .pot,
update .po

And before vertaal I don't remember having to update my .po files by
hand, I remember keichwa doing these for all languages. We can see
this looking who is the last commiter on many files:


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