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Re: [opensuse-translation] Activedoc translations (framework)
Hi Alexander! See my replies below...

Alexander Melentev píše v Ne 12. 01. 2014 v 21:30 +0400:
2013/12/27 Tomáš Bažant <tomik.bazik@xxxxxxxxx>:

Russian .po files are exported, soon the'll be placed in the repo.

Tomáš Bažant
Thanks, Tomáš.
Would you please tell us something about this activedoc stuff?
It is based on CMS Drupal (, with many 3rd partu modules
How do we report typos in pot files? Is there a corresponding bugzilla
component for activedoc itself?
yes, it's a product under openSUSE Product line
How do you generate those pots and why
POT-Creation-Date for pot files is earlier than POT-Creation-Date in
submitted russian po files?
drupal has a gui to generate these files, i cannot tune it at all, it's
just a one-button action. about the date - that is because russian
language was requested later than the others, while i generated the pot
files on the first requested language
How comes ad-interface is one solid piece
of code causing pot to contain almost 17K lines of text (it is more
than we had in the whole lcn before!), bringing also lines in
Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Farsi as source lines? IMHO,
this one should be re-checked and splitted somehow for more
convenience. Also, Russian wasn't mentioned in the list of languages
with partial translation, but more than 6K records in ad-interface are
already translated. Where are those coming from?
some snippets are already translated - maybe from these teams
some text is translated on the run directly in activedoc. there is a gui
and you can directly translate text you wish - maybe that would be a
better idea for selected translators? tell me if you are interested and
i can set up privleges for you to be able to do direct translation
without .po files

Best would be to communicate over IRC - #opensuse-translation.


Tomáš Bažant, SUSE Linux CZ

2013/12/16 Karl Eichwalder <ke@xxxxxxx>:

I'm about to add the translation templates and initial translation for
several languages for to our translation
SVN. Tomas sent me these files and ATM, we have 5 partially translated
languages (de, es, fa, hu, and it). Before you want to start with
another language, please contact Tomas first!

These are the files starting with "ad-", and they address the framework
(UI) only. Translating the books (contents) is a different story.
Karl, those activedoc files have lots of lines, they double the total
counter of lcn, while not being part of the distro. Maybe now it is
good time to create a separate dir for infrastructure translations?
Earlier it was useless since we had only main page and software.o.o,
but now it is hell lots of new lines to translate and it makes sense
to separate the stuff not relevant for release cycle to make it

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