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Re: [opensuse-translation] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
Carlos E. R. - 14:17 22.04.13 wrote:

On Monday, 2013-04-22 at 07:11 +0200, Michal Hrusecky wrote:
Carlos E. R. - 3:31 22.04.13 wrote:

Prove that weblate does that and more.

Somebody already said that in this discussion. I'm not going to do that as
workflow is not documented and simply I don't care that much to spend hours
comparing tools and undocumented workflow to hear in that end that I didn't
take into consideration something that was impossible to find.

It is documented.

You people have not bothered to ask us. :-/

If everybody needs to ask around, that means it's not documented. I asked, you
told me to ask Gabriel.


Which Tomas was trying to address and you just keep repeating that you don't
want to learn anything new. That I call negative ;-)

It is realistic. I don't see why I should use something new when what we
use now is perfect.


I don't see 100% everywhere, only three ;-)

Systemd was forced upon us by the developers. We had to accept it because
we can't refuse. This is the same, it is forced into us; with the
difference that this time you need translators to do the working. I say I
don't like it and I'm not playing.

We didn't had to accept systemd. But nobody cared enough. This time it was
*sugested* by one guy who does a lot of translations and wanted to make
openSUSE translators live easier.

Without asking translators _here_ first.
I don't call that "suggestion". I call that "impossition".

And where did that first e-mail that greatly upset you went if not here?

If SUSE changes the translation system, it is up to them to find again
translators and organize it all. Not my problem. I use the system in
English, anyway.

Again, It's not SUSE. It's one community member who tried to improve
situation and make it easier and attract new translators. Who wanted to
and found people who don't want to hear/try new ways and resist all


It is somebody with a suse email address, so to me it is SUSE.

SUSE is not trying to do anything in this regards, just one guy who does it
his free time and who happens to work for SUSE. He is also Gentoo developer.
Do you suggest that, that Gentoo is trying to impose something? He is also
contributor, so is KDE conspiring together with SUSE and Gentoo to stop you

I'm not buying it.

He has an official SUSE email address, so he is SUSE to me. As far as I'm
concerned, and no matter your denials, it is SUSE who is pushing this on
us; so it is SUSE game, not mine, nor the community any longer.

So you consider community member only unemployed people because otherwise they
have some secret agenda on behalf of companies they are working for? Must be
hard, conspiracies everywhere :-D

Anyway, I think it was a cool idea, unfortunately I heard that Tomas is not
going to work on it anymore for whole openSUSE (just for WebYaST) as instead of
constructive discussion all he got back was this nonsense. So I'll stop wasting
time on it as well.

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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