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Re: [opensuse-translation] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
Karl Ove Hufthammer - 15:54 21.04.13 wrote:
må. den 15. 04. 2013 klokka 14.00 (+0200) skreiv Tomáš Chvátal:
I don't expect other to change the workflow thus the app is supposed to be
optional, you can use the interface, you can use the merge-branch feature,
can use reviews, but all of these are optional, in the end you just have to
check out the git or download the pofile and do whatever you feel like with

I’m not sure I understand correctly. Will we be able to do just do a

git pull [to fetch *all* the .po files]
... do the translation using Lokalize and other tools ...
git commit



That sounds like a good solution. I will not use a Web-based translation
system, for various reasons (e.g., we use several tools and scripts to
ensure quality translations, and all Web-based solutions I have tried
have turned out to be slow, inefficient and detrimental to good quality

BTW, I don’t really understand why the translation files for openSUSE
are often outdated, and the need to move to Git. In KDE, which I also
translate for, most applications have moved to Git, but the translations
stay in SVN (Git gives us no advantages over SVN, and would only
complicate the lives of translators). And the translations templates
stay in a central directory

and are *automatically* updated *every day* (if the source code is
changed, of course). The same is true for the translation files
(.po files); they are merged with the template files each day. So there
are never any outdated POT or PO files.

For handling various branches of applications, some teams (including
ours) use the very powerful Summit framework:

(I cannot emphasise enough how powerful this framework is. For example,
it can keep track of translations across branches where a PO file has
been moved, removed, renamed, split into several files (e.g. into where
one application has been split into application + library), or merged
with other files into a new file.)

Tomas was trying for a long time to get pology working for openSUSE
translations exactly for these reasons. Unfortunately it turned out to be too
closely tighted to KDE workflow/infrastructure/whatnot (don't remeber the
details). So he was looking for other solutions with similar features and ended
up with weblate. Easy merging of translations across multiple branches and
anybody can propose a translation and when translation team approves it,
credits will belong to who contributed (git workflow).

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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