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Re: [opensuse-translation] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
  • From: Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 14:00:39 +0200
  • Message-id: <12217909.6FIn1l76m9@bugaboo>
Dne Čt 11. dubna 2013 20:33:30, Michael Skiba napsal(a):

Sorry for not replying sooner, I was busy on Friday with my other project and
over the weekend I was slacking outside. Finally we have nice weather :-)

Maybe you've already answered this, but why is git necessary? Why can't we
use the existing opensuse-svn? (earlier I read you complaining that vertaal
doesn't support git, now I have to ask you why your software doesn't
support svn(yet?))

The problem with svn is that you are limited with its featureset so you would
have to implement all the required review logic within your app while with git
or othed dvcs you get this for free.

Actually I believe your software could have a great potential, it's not like
I've seen anything of it yet, but if everything works as you said it
certainly sounds interesting. But at the moment it (to my ears) sounds a
little bit like you're trying to force it onto everyone (which will most
likely fail, nobody wants to be overrun), instead you should take a slower
approach and try to convince the people with the actual product. They
should use it because they want to use it, because they think it's more
comfortable, not because one man shows up on the mailinglist and demands
it, because it is BETTER™.

There will be usecase now because the webyast is in git and maintainers do not
want their translations in svn, thus I will fire up for those repos the weblate
and hopefully if you guys like it we get to propagate everything to it.

And now back to my original question, why can't you write an svn-adapter?
This way you could set up a testing platform (where willing teams can test
the workflow) right next to our currently established workflow. And if your
software really holds up to the promise more and more teams will join it
and eventuelly we can open a discussion whether we should completely switch
to your software. But this will take it's time, you can't expect everybody
to change their workflow because of something that might be, it has to be
the other way round: The software has to proof its worthyness.

The svn adapter is simply not possible without having to spent enormous time
on the app side to get the reviews working as desired. It is actually matter
of 30 minutes with svn->git migration plus few hours of fixing some tools that
are binded to use the subversion instead of git in their hooks.

I don't expect other to change the workflow thus the app is supposed to be
optional, you can use the interface, you can use the merge-branch feature, you
can use reviews, but all of these are optional, in the end you just have to
check out the git or download the pofile and do whatever you feel like with it.

From my looking on the app Carlos linked here the weblate is quite similar (I
was unable to login, it always said that i am registered but login failed)
tool, but we plan to integrate it tightly with opensuse connect so you would
be able to login with your openSUSE account and have it tied with rest of the
services (this also implies you will be able to obtain more contributors
because the barrier for inserting/fixing the strings will be way lower).


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