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[opensuse-translation] Re: Managing SUSE translations in unified way
Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx> writes:

Let me tell you a "shorty" bit about my hackweek project.

I'm not that sure whether this all is actually wanted or even needed.
And, more important, it looks confusing to me. But if the openSUSE
community wants to go that way, it is fine with me. I'd guess the
openSUSE community than would administer and manage this process (e.g.,
updating the translation packages, in case that that is still needed),
and I could retire from it (which is also perfectly ok for me).

Check with the opensuse project management and especially with coolo
whether everthing is fine.

Some general remarks.

1/ The current infrastructure sure has some weak areas. Thus,
improvements are a good idea.

2/ In the context of translations, I'd avoid git as much as possible and
stick with svn.

3/ I consider branches per release (openSUSE 12.1, openSUSE 12.2, etc.)
as a good thing. Sometimes teams decide to translate a term differently
from now on; but this does not mean you actually want to change past
releases accordingly; users are used to that translation (even if
"wrong") and translated documents or third party documentation might
make use of that "wrongly" translated term.

In the future (openSUSE 13.1(?)/SLE 12(?)) we already agreed to get rid
of the separate SLE* and opensuse* branches.

4/ Re-arranging and renaming packages is always a PITA. Only do it if
it is really needed (and you have nothing better to do ;) ).

5/ Permanent merging and updating translation files during development
is bad; this only makes sense at the end of a release cycle. Of course,
this is my very personal opinion; if the community thinks different, go
for it.

6/ I'd avoid the Web for the actual translation process as much as
possible; it will probably result in more but even worse translations ;)
(see topic 5). I'd rather go for a translation app (Android).

Also I bet we already have some projects that should be translated and are
not. If you happen to be aware of such project we can also add it to the
toolkit, just reply to this mail with its name and git repo.

It is often more important rather difficult to identify obsolete stuff...

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