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[opensuse-translation] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
  • From: Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 15:22:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <2104779.VUHkF3sGQb@bugaboo>
Hello guys,

Let me tell you a "shorty" bit about my hackweek project.

Currently our translation repositories are stored in internal svn and split by
branches per release. I want to tackle the issue where translations are
inconsistent among supported releases and also somehow consolide all the stuff
we are providing to have only one input channel with less space for
contributor confusion.

As I described this in my previous mail [1] I want to fire up the weblate
instance with help from Michal Cihar. But as people complained against web
translations only we will simply list the git repositories with access to
allow them merge requests on github or use the weblate only as interface to
obtain the .po files.

Items currently stored in svn [2]:
yast - obvious, in github
webyast - obvious, in github
lcn - merged repository for various tools zypper/bootloader/...
packages - repository for cd descs/etc...

Some of the packages do not have suse upstream (eg special kde translations
and so on). These will be migrated in the end to new github project (eg.
openSUSE/translations-3rdparty.git; if you have cooler name we will use it

Also I bet we already have some projects that should be translated and are
not. If you happen to be aware of such project we can also add it to the
toolkit, just reply to this mail with its name and git repo.

List of tasks to get this working

Infrastructure side:
Deprecate translations mailinglists to keep only the opensuse-translation
where everyone should discuss, with per language lists the problem is if the
team goes inactive nobody notices, and we can have more active list where we
ingore threads that do not bother us. Eg we can have them prefixed by lang if
they matter only for those ([ru] Unable to translate foo due to xyz). [[Who
can actually sent deprecation mails and mark them read only?]]

Create new documentation on i18n which will contain the weblate instance and
provide links to git repositories and pull requests description for
contributors not wanting to use the weblate.

Suspending the translation repositories to read-only until migration is
complete. Note for translators, you can translate your stuff even in read-only
mode. Merging then will be possible in weblate or by hand into the new
location which will be described in the new repository listing. IMPORTANT:
this must be done ASAP, because without the disabled write access we shouldn't
start moving the files around.

Upstream/developers side:
Take the translations from the svn repository and create po/ folder in your
project root. Structure looks like this (some projects already have po folder
but the translations are in tarball, just throw away the tarball and unpack

Modify spec-file of the package to count with the translations from here (I am
well aware it will create collisions in the start with the generic l10n
packages we will remove later on, so we should obsolete them and make the lang
pkg recommended).

Create new hook that updates the .pot file with each commit and regenerates the
.po files. I bet Michal already have some nice hook at phpmyadmin and he can
provide it so we don't need to write one stock each time.

Remove hooks that push into svn if there are some and it is not cron-based
server side. [[Anyone knows how this is done?]]

Update buildscripts to generate .mo files and to install them into right place.
Easy in distutils, for autotools you need gettext, I will
provide help and do the work where needed.

After we fire up testing weblate we will also need to add weblate key to be
able push to the repository. [[Michal could you please elaborate here how this
taks need to be done?]]

Of course you are not the ones who have to do the work, I will do the task if
asked/allowed to touch your repos (scarabeusiv account at github). I am just
pretty sure I will not be able to migrate all 205 repos in one week without
screwing up somewhere, so any help will be highly appreciated, specially when
you guys know your project much more than I do :-)

Packaging side:
We need to update the .spec files of the various translation modules like
yast2-translations to be split into specified packages (yast2-network-lang,...)

Packages that will be obsoleted and split are:
[[I suck at searching in obs so if you see more of those that should be
adjusted please reply here and I will do whats needed]]

Possible future task that would make people happy:
Allow translations of wiki pages instead of having separate wiki instances for
each language. This stuff is messy and using weblate here would be so awesome.



PS: keep reply-to on opensuse-translation so we don't clutter the discussion
on multiple places.

PPS: this is quite lengthy mail so if I forgot to mention something just slap
me and ask for more informations.

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