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[opensuse-translation] Weblate / posummit status and possibilities
  • From: Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2013 11:45:10 +0200
  • Message-id: <1592193.8Vrt89DKAg@arcarius>
Hello guys,

after the last hackaton there were some questions about the summit and why
didn't I announce that I work on something like that. The reason was really
simple, I was not entirely sure if it is possible and how hard it will be.

Firstly let me explain what is summit. It merges various trees of translations
(sle11, opensuse12.3, Factory) and shows them only as one translation file
with desc for which branch is which. The obvious benefit for translators is
that you have to do the work only on one place and it gets populated in all

In the end after all the testing I have local svn checkout with semi working
merged tree for 3 languages, but during the automatic update testing it
crashes a lot, which ends up uncovering bugs in the pology package that is
supposed to do the summit handling. Due to this and lack of not much free time
I suspended my work on this and I plan to do a bit stuff following week during
Hackweek 9 [1].

But there is also one more option than just going with the pology, which would
allow us also to do fancy translations over web interface [2].

The benefits here are the same as with the summit for the translator, but the
thing should be more working as Michal Cihar is pretty smart guy and it would
reduce the need to rely on package I don't entirely understand.

The work on weblate side required is adding support for svn OR migrating our
translation infrastructure to git. And then just starting the weblate instance
and providing links.

After that we would probably discourage/disable the direct access to the po
files because you would loose all the fancy stuff like the branch merging when
you work around and not use the web interface. So please let me know how
strongly would you be against web-based translation approach.

Note that if you lack some cool feature on weblate side I bet we can bribe
Michal with some cookies to implement it. :-)



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