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Re: [opensuse-translation] No new strings for oS 12.2?
Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx> writes:

What kind of help is needed?

Thanks for asking! I'll answer it below.

The first simple thing that helps, is watching coolo's roadmap,
discussing the translation related entries here and then pushing all the
other involved persons (including me ;) ).

Alexander Melentyev <minton@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

2012/3/29 Karl Eichwalder <ke@xxxxxxx>:
Alexander Melentyev <minton@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

If someone could help with translation coordination, it would be great
;)  Lately, we unfortunately once again had to change the SVN server
(now, thus some things must settle again...
Yeah, on berlios I could add new translators, but now it's purely your
ability (no community admins on

Yes, I know. And the last one, whom I'm blaming, is you, of course!
I'm very happy that we finally managed that you can maintain

Daniel gave up a script that helps with password encoding and requesting
an account on We simply must document it. Updating the
translation related docs on the openSUSE wiki is also still an issue; if
someone could take a look there, it would be great.

I just asked Lukas and Jiri to merge in what is possible and then
submit fresh yast pot files to the trunk of our SVN server.
So, you know the right guys and (more important) they know you, too. I
can't imagine someone will do extra work cause of some unknown guy has
told'em to do so. They do the merge only because it's you who ask
them, not for some formal reason.

Lukas just told me that we'd better use the yast-devel ML for these
purposes. I'll do so in the future and next time we can organize this
better (e.g., a community member sends these reminder mails, with
explicit cc: to me).

Here's the same situation: everybody knows that Karl Eichwalder is the
man in charge with translations, so it'll be better to do what he
says. The whole process is running not as formal act, but as personal
relations act. So, you have to do it personally, there is no way you
can escape from it =)

In this case, all the data are publically available on the SVN server;
I'll document it a little bit better next time.

Karl Eichwalder SUSE LINUX Products GmbH
R&D / Documentation Maxfeldstraße 5
90409 Nürnberg, Germany
GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)
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