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Re: [opensuse-translation] 12.1 Release announcement needs translation
  • From: Alexander Melentyev <minton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 13:43:52 +0400
  • Message-id: <>
2011/10/28 Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>:
2011/10/28 Alexander Melentyev <minton@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
2011/10/28 Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>:
2011/10/28 Satoru Matsumoto <helios_reds@xxxxxxx>:
(2011/10/28 17:38), Carlos E. R. wrote:

AFAIK, you just need to update the
trunk/lcn/50-pot/RELEASE-NOTES-openSUSE.pot file in our SVN, and it
will be translated by the person in each team adscribed to the task.

Kostas was talking about release *announcement* which will be published
on news.o.o, not *RELEASE-NOTES*. ;-)

Yeap, that is what I am talking about...
While there was a little misunderstanding, Carlos is generally right.
There are many established and working translation teams in our
community, who can translate your text easily in a way they are used
to, why you want to break the current workflow with calling up
separate volunteers?

You got me wrong, I don't want to break the current work flow,  I just
ask for some volunteers so that we are sure that this thing will be
covered better and not looking for people in the last minute plus
having the release announcement sooner will give people their time to
do it without pressure ;-)
Also giving the release announcement sooner to people to translate
will have as a result to have the Release announcement published all
over the world in every language at the first day that 12.1 will be
out so that the users that do not speak English won't have to wait
more days to read it, treating all users equal.
I am not suggesting to look for people in the last minute, you are
already in the right place to find translators. But the thing is that
all translators reading this list are already volunteers, there's no
need to call them up separately, cause they are here anyway. And their
names are known here: if you have some openSUSE text to translate,
Carlos will stand up for Spanish, Andrea for Italian, , I'll stand up
for Russian and so on. All you need to do is provide us with the
needed pot-file.
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