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Re: [opensuse-translation]
2011/10/16 Lars Vogdt <lrupp@xxxxxxx>:
Two remarks from my side:
1) Wrong permissions on i18n.o.o

Some of the directories and files on belong to a
userid called "minton". As the cronjob running on that host is executed
as cihlarov, the script could not change the ownership and permissions
as expected. Results should be found in the cronjob output.

I did "chown -R cihlarov:i18n [...]/htdocs/svn" now to change
everything the script touches back to the "original author".
Well, great! User ID "minton" is me and by doing that you ruined
almost half of my work there =)
That is an outstanding example of what good willings can do.
It's something about a year now (can't remember exactly) since
cihlarov has not touched anything on the stats page, so it was
terribly outdated (in terms of a structure and releases) until I
volunteered to take care of that. So files owned by minton are just
leftovers from debugging phase, so I was just kidding about you
ruining something ))
The actual problem with permissions is that access rights inside
htdocs are not equal for the owner (cihlarov) and group (i18n), which
really complicates my life cause of the mentioned cihlarov's
inactivity: I can't execute the script or do "svn up" by hand for
debugging and bugfixing purposes, I have to put everything in the
script executed by a cronjob and wait till 6 AM CEST to get it
executed and see if this helps. So I actually would not mind to have
all these files owned by me ;) (or at least have equal access for i18n
2) Script error

I tried to execute the mentioned cronjob on and got
the following error:
 suse-i18n/trunk/lcn/50-etc/ line 389: 0 * 100 / 0:
division by 0 (error token is "0") [...]
looks like someone with access to the SVN should have a look at least
at this line and think about quoting.
Yes, the actual counting part of cihlarov's script is still not
corrected, this exception happens for non-existent files (sadly,
templates dir and language dirs are not always in sync). While it
would be good to have this situation handled correctly, this is not so
urgent to fix, cause it does not really break anything.
With kind regards,
Regards, Minton
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