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[opensuse-translation] Cannot upload .po files to the system
  • From: "Stathis Iosifidis (aka diamond_gr)" <diamond_gr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 17:25:04 +0300
  • Message-id: <>

I got the .po files and I translated them.

Now I try to upload them to the system.

I open a terminal to the local directory where I have all my po files.


I use the commands

export SVN_SSH="ssh -l iosifidis"
svn -m "import comment" import \

after I give my password I get the result:

Adding webyast-kerberos-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-ldap-ui.el.po
Skipped '.svn'
Adding webyast-mail-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-status-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-language-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-services-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-roles-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-registration-ws.el.po
Adding webyast-samba-server-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-network-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-reboot-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-software-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-custom-services-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-time-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-mail-ws.el.po
Adding webyast-status-ws.el.po
Adding webyast-root-user-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-activedirectory-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-users-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-firewall-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-licenses-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-software-ws.el.po
Adding webyast-security-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-registration-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-base-ui.el.po
Adding webyast-permissions-ui.el.po
svn: File already exists: filesystem '/svnroot/repos/opensuse-i18n/db', transaction '68386-1', path '/trunk/webyast/el/po/webyast-kerberos-ui.el.po'
Killed by signal 15.

I guess this didn't upload my translated files.
What's the problem? What can I do?

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