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[opensuse-translation] Re: [opensuse-marketing] Need a few comments about translating for open source
  • From: Strainu <strainu10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 14:31:05 +0300
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2011/5/29 Helen South <helen.south@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi folks!

I'm just putting the final touches on an article about contributing
(yes that same one I started aeons ago) and need a quote from someone
about TRANSLATING for open source projects.

If you've done any kind of work with translating news, wikis, and so
on, please share. The aim is to encourage people to come and help,
especially those with limited technical ability who might think they
have nothing to offer.  So it might include things like how you choose
what items to translate and what not to do, how information is best
presented (for example in an own-language newsletter or website),
collaboration, problems that you encounter (for example with idioms or
technical language) and importantly, resources that translators can
access to help with their work.

I'd be really happy with any comments you might like to make - I only
have about two paragraphs to devote to translation for this article
(it might be worth doing a full-length article in the future, with
proper interviews with people) so I will probably have to edit
comments for brevity.

BTW please include your full name if it isn't in your sig, so I can
make sure I credit the right people.

thanks heaps


IRC: helen_au
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Hi Helen,

I'm cross-posting this on the translation mailing list, just in case
anybody has something to say (and I know they will)

I've been translating openSUSE since 11.0, and I also participated in
other translations. I think what is the most important in attracting
new contributors is making clear that:
- for translating, it's more important to be familiar with the product
than to be a technical person
- there is often a webservice where translations are coordinated (like for Romanian), you don't really have to worry
about source control and stuff like that
- there are groups of translators for different products who
collaborate in order to provide translations which are as close as
possible to each-other. They also offer support and advice to

Strainu (to be credited as-is if you think what I said above is useful)
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