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Re: [opensuse-translation] Refresh pot files?
Andrea Turrini <andrea.turrini@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

2011/5/16 Carlos E. R. <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Developers must take responsibility and generate the pot files everytime
they change something, and upload that pot file to our server if it has
changed. Being devs, they could automate this.

And is it possible to convince them to do this?
For example, adding a new event in the roadmap (say, one week before
MS5) where devs should update pot files.

I guess, we just must tell coolo about it when we agree.

In the past, I sent notification mails to the developers either to
update the pot files, or adding done translations to their packages.
There is a simple script that can help with these reminders:


In my opinion, it should be managed in a centralized way: there should
be a common folder (say "discontinued" or "removed") at the same level
of lcn and yast, containing the trees with root lcn, yast, and
webyast; once a pot file is removed from svn, then all corresponding
po files should be moved in the corresponding place inside

Personally, I do not like these "discontinued" directories. I'd rather
vote to add all good translations to the memory or compendium files, and
then simple remove the outdated translation files. There also exists a


I do not know how easy it is to write a similar script, but it can be
useful: translators should not care whether a po file is orphan and
they know where to find orphan files if they need of an already
translated string.

The "problem" is that nobody will tell you in advance, which files are
obsolete. YOu usually must ask the old maintainer or project guru.
From time to time I try to do a little bit cleanup in this area. Thanks
for your input, which is very useful!

Karl Eichwalder - R&D / Documentation

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