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Re: [opensuse-translation] qt-pkg.pot incomplete
Hi all,

2011/4/14 Karl Eichwalder <ke@xxxxxxx>:
Andrea Turrini <andrea.turrini@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

just for your information, I am reviewing the Italian translation of
yast files and I have discovered that the file is
incomplete, since at least two strings are missing: "RPM \"Re&quires\""
and "RPM \"P&rovides\"".
I checked the .pot counterpart and also the .pot file is incomplete.

These two strings were intentionally left out in the past...  People
thought translating these terms would cause more trouble than good.  I
think we should examine this issue again.  Personally, either decision
would be ok with me.

The main problem is that in the help RPM Provides occurs and there is
no hint about the fact it should not be translated (as happens without
the corresponding string in the .po file)

I do not know whether only these two strings are missing.

The bug report is:
(against YaST2 since I do not think this is a translation-specific bug)

Thanks for the report.

I updated the report adding also "Provides" and "Requires" from
"Dependencies" tab...

One more thing, before opening a bugreport: at the moment, strings
like "Update", "Install", "Keep", and "Delete" occur in several places
but there is a single entry in the .pot file. For instance, "Update"
occurs in the "Installation summary" tab, in the "Package" menu entry
(as well as in the contextual menu) and in the submenu "All in this

However, at least for Italian, we should use different translations in
order to have a good result (e.g. "Update" in the Installation summary
should be translated as "Da aggiornare" while in menus as "Aggiorna").

Is it possible to have separated entries in an easy way?

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