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[opensuse-translation] An effort to improve the suse/openSUSE pages on Wikipedia
  • From: Strainu <strainu10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 17:09:57 +0300
  • Message-id: <AANLkTin9F4utaNEmGLLuvRMN_gLXq5aC9PXr036s0Oke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

I'm cross-posting this to both the wiki and the translation lists, as
well as on the Romanian list in the hope that I will receive the
broadest possible feedback.

There are currently several issues with the way openSUSE is
represented on non-english wikipedias:

1) There are different articles in different language (i.e. different
articles for Suse Linux, openSUSE, SLES, SLED etc or just one article
for all, with basically all the variations in between).
2) There is a lack of coverage for subjects related to openSUSE, like
OBS, YaST, zypp etc.
3) The information in the articles might be out of date by up to several years.

While I understand that it would be difficult for our global and local
communities to also actively maintain the Wikipedia articles, I think
we could take some steps to facilitate contributing to Wikipedia

1) Find a common way to develop articles about openSUSE.
1.1 What articles should one start with (openSUSE, Suse Linux,
openSUSE Project?) and what parts could get separate articles in a
second/third phase?
1.2 How should all the articles relate to each other?
1.3 What resources from the openSUSE wiki could be relevant to
the various articles?
1.4 How can one minimize the quantity of information that
"deprecates" rapidly?

2) Make sure that relevant images from the openSUSE wiki are also
available in Wikipedia. Would it be feasible to use Wikimedia Commons
as a repository for some of our free images (at least the
screenshots)? I know that any mediawiki installation can use commons
as an image repository under certain conditions.

3) Encourage the translators to get involved in writing the Wikipedia
articles in their language. How can we do that best? If an openSUSE
wiki exists in that language, perhaps we could somehow keep in sync a
page on the openSUSE wiki and on Wikipedia?

4) Write all of the above on an wiki page (what title should it have?) :)

I'm looking forward to your ideas regarding the points raised in this email.


P.S. Sorry for the poor formatting of this email, I just can't seem to
get it right today :)
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