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Re: [opensuse-translation] 11.3 Translation Planning?
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 14:16:50 +0100
  • Message-id: <4B9255C2.6000104@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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On 2010-03-04 09:23, Jean Cayron wrote:
2010/3/4 Carlos E. R. <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

In my other machine, which has oS 11.2 with gnome, I told YaST to install
lokalize and all its
dependencies. It runs.

And today it got an automatic update.

The configuration is confusing.

What is "approved status"? If I press "help" on that dialog, I get the
"lokalize handbook", not
pointed at the page explaining that dialog.
Approved is not fuzzy anymore, after a review from the team leader. It
isn't compulsary, you can ignore it.

And fuzzy? I don't see a led for it.

[ There is something wrong in this thunderbird: my messages get one ">", and
yours are getting two.
It should be the other way round. New bug? ]

I try to configure the project. What is ID? what is the root folder?
Maybe the one with all branch in it (trunk, stable...)

I just wen to create new project, and for project type the options were "kde".
No more. The id was
set automatically to kde_trunk. I see if I hover the mouse that it says that it
diferentiates the
memory, so that all kde projects should get the same ID. So the ID should be

The glossary?
The glossary is a dictionary of translated word to define yourself
(select a word in orignal message and in translated message and
right-click>Add to glossary. You can make a glossary for many projects
or import a glossary from someone else (your team).

The glosary for my team is in vertaal, so unless Gabriel bites too and makes a
converter... ;-)

The template folder?
The folder with the pot files. It isn't use with openSUSE but it's
usefull for KDE (and other projects). With the template and
translation folder defined, you'll be able in the overview to see all
files PO or POT in the same tree. You can click on an empty
translation (a POT) to start a translation, when saving it'll do in
the PO folder with PO extension.

Yes, I do use the pot directory. In kbabel catalog manager you can see if the
number of messages
matches in the pot and po files; and in poedit you can tell it to import new
messages from the pot file.

The branch folder?
The branch folder is the folder of your project translation's version
(trunk, stable, for me it's ~/po/opensuse-trunk for the trunk, in this
folder I've got the subfolder a folder called wa updated by the svn
with the po files.

Ah... I think I see.

The alternate translation folder?
A folder with old translation files to sync? Not sure.

It appears that it is for another similar language.

Again, I go to the help file, and under "project" I get just 3 lines of
useless text.

How do I display, say, the entire yast/po/es directory, list how many
messages each one has (total,
translated, fuzzy), check syntax, load one of them?
Project > Project overview?

Yes, I got that now.

I have this tree:

|-- branches
| `-- openSUSE-11_2-Branch
| |-- lcn
| | |-- 50-etc
| | |-- 50-html
| | | |-- help-boot
| | | `-- help-install
| | |-- 50-pot
| | |-- 50-tools
| | `-- es
| | `-- po
| |-- webyast
| | |-- 00-etc
| | |-- 00-pot
| | `-- es
| | `-- po
| `-- yast
| |-- 50-doc
| |-- 50-pot
| |-- 50-tools
| `-- es
| |-- package
| `-- po <=== branch folder

|-- trunk
| |-- lcn
| | |-- 50-etc
| | |-- 50-html
| | | |-- help-boot
| | | `-- help-install
| | |-- 50-memory
| | | `-- bad
| | |-- 50-pot
| | |-- 50-tools
| | `-- es
| | `-- po
| |-- lokalize-scripts
| |-- packages
| | |-- 50-etc
| | |-- 50-memory
| | |-- 50-pot
| | |-- 50-tools
| | `-- es
| | `-- po
| |-- webyast
| | |-- 00-etc
| | |-- 00-pot
| | `-- es
| | `-- po
| `-- yast
| |-- 50-doc
| |-- 50-memory
| |-- 50-pot <=== template folder
| |-- 50-proof
| |-- 50-tools
| `-- es
| |-- package
| `-- po <=== root folder

Just now, I have "root" set to "trunk" above. I understand, from what you
people are saying, that I
should instead have a project for "yast", and then have:

root: trunk/yast/es/po
template: trunk/yast/50-pot
branch: branches/openSUSE-11_2-Branch/yast/es/po

Hah! Lokalize just crashed on me.
Nice... signal 11, segmentation fault. Just what I love so much :-/

Well, I repeated all the configuration above. I see that it writes
"index.lokalize" to the po
directory, and a /lokalize-scripts directory in the same, which then might get
uploaded and
downloaded from the svn tree. This won't do.

Translation memory.

How do I train it? I want to tell it to scan the entire yast/po/es tree so
that it learns. Again,
the help file explains nothing. At least, I understand nothing.
Choice or create a translation memory, then click Add data and select
yast/po/es and wait.

Ah. I selected "trunk" and waited. It worked on some megabytes, but the dialog
remained empty. Then
I selected "export to tmx", and exported just 186 bytes, nothing. Then I
repeated, specifying the
.po directory... same result, the TMX file is empty.

Is this supposed to work?

I open a .po file.
Open first a project, go to the overview and click on the po file.


What is "phase"? Under the file menu.

Nothing here.

I see leds for "untranslated" and "not ready". I don't see "fuzzy". What is
"not ready"? How do I
get the fuzzy status displayed? How do I change the fuzzy status?
Not ready is fuzzy. To change the fuzzy status you've got this red stamp

Ah, so they changed the name. Why?

On the left part I see something called "units". What is an unit? I see a
link for "add a note".
What is a note? Where are the comment fields?

How do I tell lokalize to check the syntax of the translation and then, go to
the errors found? I
absolutely need this.

Frankly, I can't use lokalize. I can not make head or tails of it. It needs
plainly written help,
for non programmers. For people used to kbabel. Explaining what is every
thing, give examples,
explain the intended workflow.
It's right there is not much documentation, but as non programmer I
didn't find it right. I had just to adapt a bit myself.

Adapt a lot, really. Documentation there is next to none.

Either I use kbabel again, under 11.0, or poedit.
KBabel for 11.2 is there:

You don't need to keep 11.0 just for KBabel...

It is an option. I have two machines, an old one with 11.0 (not much free time
to upgrade it) and a
new one with 11.2.

- --
Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 "Emerald" GM (Elessar))
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