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Re: [opensuse-translation] Indiscriminated merges that are not fuzzied
  • From: Leandro Regueiro <leandro.regueiro@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 18:28:50 +0200
  • Message-id: <ad7553860910040928n5c1d0e51sd6862988708c1b78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Confirmed, the problems are focused on the update-desktop* mainly.

I really think that using merges is useful, but merging without
marking the suggestions as fuzzy is a very bad idea. It is worse that
not merging, because you have to work twice.

Officially, the upstream translation supersedes our own translation, even
if the one upstream is incorrect. Thus, they must not be marked fuzzy,
because those "are" the correct translations.

If they are not, fill bugs upstream...

OK, you are saying to me "translate the files in upstream". That is
right. It makes a lot of sense, but I ask you, why are those files
here if we shouldn't translate that files here??

I don't really know. Perhaps because they are incompletely translated.

Maybe someone will say, because we need the files translated. Then do
as other distros. For example in Mandriva they use a program from
Fedora. They extended some things in the program so there are new
strings to translate, but they didn't put the whole file (their
strings and the original strings) for translating in their translation
project; what they did is to put their strings for translating in
Mandriva, and the others you should go to Fedora. When a new release
is going to be published, the merge the two files (Fedora one and
Mandriva one) and the get the whole translation file.

That would be a way.

It is the way. Admins, wipe out these files, and don't make us
translating them again if it is supposed that the translation of those
files is done in upstream.

Otherwise, refuse to translate those files. This is what I recommend, and
I think we do in the Spanish list, not translate the update-destkop* files.
It is a waste of time and resources.

Yes, we refuse, but not translating these files doesn't help to get
translated openSuse. And if the files are here the translators would
want to translate them, and then you say them that they shouldn't, and
they say this make nonsense, and they frustrate themselves and go to
other project where the translation is easiest and their work is more

Well, I'm simply explaining what we do, because we have found the same
problems you are finding, and we gave up. I can't propose a solution.


Right now the only reason why we translate openSuse to galician is
that our government put it on the schools. And most of the translators
are teachers that hope to help with the translation and get all
translated. But these things make it harder to convince them, because
they see that the situation makes no sense.

It is just a few files that are affected: the lcn/update-desktop-files*, and
the packages sub-branch. The rest are fine. I don't see why a few bad files
can affect you that much. There is a lot more that you can translate.

Otherwise, somebody at SUSE has to make the decission to merge, not to merge
the po files (just the pot files), mark them as fuzzy, or leave the
decission to each team. As it is now, it is a source of frustration.

Or, you can take matters on your own hands,
and revert the merge in the svn >:-)

Or remove the files. No files no problems :)

Leandro Regueiro
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