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Re: [opensuse-translation] about update-desktop-files-screensavers.po origin
  • From: Александр Мелентьев <alex239@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 00:06:18 +0400
  • Message-id: <b8bd8ab0906141306v576f225bra9764fd3d95d48e9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Please forgive me for not responding long enough, I've been out of
town for a couple of days volunteering at velo-marathon.
Sorry, it's appended to kdeartwork/kxsconfig.pot
Yes, I've seen this file during the origial search, but it contains
only few descriptions that present in
update-desktop-files-screensavers.po, as well as descroptions for not
xscreensaver savers and really a lot of configuration texts. Also some
descriptions of the same screensaver differ in KDE and openSUSE. Am I
right assuming update-desktop-files-screensavers.po is generated based
on gnome-screensaver package? I am aiming forward to get involved in
upstream translations to dramatically reduce my
update-desktop-files-conflicts.po =) so please confirm.
File a bug against gnome-screensaver. There are no new lines in desktop files
comments, so it's a design problem of gnome screensaver

Greetings, Stephan
Does it go to bnc or upstream? I guess my bug report will be
unpresentable without a corresponding screenshot I can't have being
KDE-only user. Can somebody assist me with one? :)

All the best, Minton.
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