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[opensuse-translation] about update-desktop-files-screensavers.po origin
  • From: Александр Мелентьев <alex239@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 00:08:10 +0400
  • Message-id: <b8bd8ab0906101308y70b04823h1f94bcc1717f7742@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello all!
Recently I've spend some time on full translation of
update-desktop-files-screensavers.po file. There I saw a lot of
records marked as comments of corresponding *.desktop file, for
#: /usr/share/applications/screensavers/julia.desktop
msgctxt "Comment(julia.desktop)"
msgid "Animates the Julia set (a close relative of the Mandelbrot
set). The small moving dot indicates the control point from which the
rest of the image was generated. See also the \"Discrete\" screen
saver. Written by Sean
McCullough; 1997."
So this description comments contain whole paragraphs of text and are
really time-consuming for translations. But there is a problem: these
comments DO NOT PRESENT in specified *.desktop files. Further more,
these descriptions ARE NOT DISPLAYED anywhere around screensavers'
configurator at least in KDE4 (BTW, can any of GNOMErs here confirm
These *.desktop files are located under
/usr/share/kde4/services/ScreenSavers, where most of the source
pointers in update-desktop-files-screensavers.po lead (not all of
them: as you can see from the example above, some point to the old
location). So I checked the upstream kde package with the same result:
KDE translations for these *.desktop files DO NOT CONTAIN such
comments either. So,

@Karl: what do these paragraphs do in update-desktop-files-... if they
do not exist in *.desktop files themselves? Why do translation teams
have to do really hard time-taking job with no displayable result?

@Coolo (assuming you wrote merging scripts for this, if not, @author):
even though I successfully found out the origin of these descriptions
(xml files of xscreensaver package, which I had to install
specifically for this case) I still do not understand why are they
included here. I can't see if they are really DISPLAYED TO USER
anywhere in the system either in translated or untranslated form.
1) Could you please clarify this issue described above?
2) Upstream file with translations for both screensavers and desktop
themes has approx. 70+ kB size. openSUSE's
update-desktop-files-screensavers is 250+ kB. Since it is kinda
strange, would you mind to have (possibly separate) discussion on
improving the merging script (at least with duplicates finding) to
help other translation teams and save some of their time?

Sorry for the long post! =)
Waiting forward to hearing from you, all the best, Minton.
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