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[opensuse-translation] Translating openSuse documentation into french language
  • From: manchette <manchette@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 17:53:38 +0100
  • Message-id: <200901021753.39314.manchette@xxxxxxx>

I'd like that the official openSuse documentation could be translated from the
english one into french, i'm thus trying to gather some information to see how
this could be done in a easy and confortable way.

So far as i know it seems the last translated effort is from 10.1.
Do you think it'd be useful to use this and update it or would it be better to
start from scratch ? (if the changes since then are too much for example).
I've also read about something being translated fro SLED, is this correct ?
Could it be used for openSuse 11.1 ?

Also i'd like to know which form could be used to prepare something easy to
use and update , wiki may be ? I've got no clue of what's used so far (docbook
or something ?).
i also read that the spanish community is willing to do something using wiki
(if i got it well), so would it be possible to set up a translating structure
in common ?

I'd also like to know how long before the distribution is available in final
version is the english documentation available and how long is left for the
translation teams and if possible the average amount of time needed to
translated the whole documentation of openSUse from english into another

It looks like this kind of job is not really looking "attractive" nor
rewarding and therefore not gathering masses so i'm wondering from
informations i got on the french opensuse mail list if it'd be possible to
give some incentive to the main contributers ? Things like caps, t shirts,
boxes of the distro and the like.

Could you please tell me what's possible with all this ?
Could you please help me giving your ideas, comments, questions ?
Or even volonteering as the idea is to raise a team that'd be involved in this

Thank you all ;=)

Fabrice Lemaistre
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