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Re: [opensuse-translation] Re: Adding Georgian language
  • From: "¡ElCheVive!" <elchevive68@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:50:42 -0300
  • Message-id: <dca9906e0809251350p73209fdco1899d63844e65d91@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If I'm not wrong its possible to compile the .po files and then put
them (the .mo files) in some directory (doesn't remember right now)
and test it with the factory (at least the yast modules)



2008/9/25 George Machitidze <giomac@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi All,

I already have very nice statistics with overall >10% translations
done without fuzzy in just two days, so, for now I want to ask you if
it's possible to run some tests and then include selection of language
so users can contribute too.

Thank you in advance!


Best Regards,
George Machitidze

On 7/14/08, Mike FABIAN <mfabian@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"George Machitidze" <giomac@xxxxxxxxx> さんは書きました:

Hi all,

BDF fonts are attached, can we use them for console?

I've added Jürgen Weigert <jw@xxxxxxx> to CC:, he maintains the
kbd package which contains the console fonts.

On 7/4/08, George Machitidze <giomac@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Karl,

Thank you for fast response!

Georgian characters are included in Dejavu fonts, regarding console
bitmaps - I dont see them in last stable distro but I can provide them
- my friend has included it in ubuntu, so I will ask him to check it
and give some recommenations.

Regarding Translation - no problem, I can do it.

Well, I will start development in next week and I will provide you all
information. I cannot do it right now because currently my internet
connection is limited via proxy, next week I will have everything we

Thank you!

On 7/4/08, Karl Eichwalder <ke@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> "George Machitidze" <giomac@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I want to start working and introduce new language for opensuse
> > and make this distro more interesting and user friendly for
> > so please add me to the localization project as team coordinator.
> Thanks for the offer and all the background information!
> > My preferences:
> >
> > Novell Login: GioMac
> > Email: giomac@xxxxxxxxx
> > Name: George
> > Surname: Machitidze
> > Localized Name: გიორგი
> > Localized Surname: მაჩიტიძე
> > Localization Language and Code: Georgian, ka, ka_GE
> > Preferrable Languages order: Georgian, English, Russian, German
> You now have commit rights as GioMac.
> > Please send me recommendation for next step, for now main issue is
> > have Georgian language in the list of language selection, because
> > programs are already available in this language and I want to make
> > available for users as soon as possible without manually changing
> > values in /etc/sysconfig/language file.
> IIRC, we evaluated in the past whether suitable font are avaialable.
> Now we also please need to know what's the best ASCII approximation
> the name of the Georgian language in its own language.
> I'd appreciate if you could translate two or three files of YaST
> base and installation); then we could run some tests. If you need
> information, please ask!
> Regards,
> Karl
> --
> Karl Eichwalder
> R&D / Documentation
> SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nuernberg)


Best Regards,

George Machitidze


Best Regards,
George Machitidze

Mike FABIAN <mfabian@xxxxxxx>
I � Unicode


Best Regards,
George Machitidze

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